How Much Do You Know About Greek Mythology?

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Greek Mythology Quizzes & Trivia

We are a group of 16 year old boys who are very interested in Greek Mythology. This is linked to the website and is a way to test how much you know about greek mythology! It is not a difficult test.

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    I was a terrible Gorgon who was slain by none other than Perseus. He chopped my head off while I slept. It had to be because of my hair. All those snakes are hard to tame! Who am i?
  • 2. 
    Well, I should have listened to my dad, Daedalus, when he said to watch out for the sun. How was I supposed to know that the wings he created for me were made of wax? Who am i?
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    Hera asked me to help Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece, much to the dismay of my husband Hephaestus. That Jason was some looker! Oh, by the way, you all know me as the goddess of love. Who am I?
  • 4. 
    I doubt many people know who I am. I mean, I was only a small time criminal who was condemned in Tartarus to roll a boulder uphill and continually watch it roll down. So, did you think your job was horrible? Take a guess at who I am.
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    Sometimes, big brothers can sometimes be the death of you! Such was my situation. Artemis' brother, Apollo, didn't really like the fact that we were hanging out, hunting together and all. One day while I was out swimming, Apollo tricked Artemis into shooting at me. Well, she didn't know it was me, but that little filly always had a competitive streak in her. See if you know who I am.
  • 6. 
    Like most people in Greece, Hera did not like me, for whatever reason. I'm the nymph she condemned to speak only in the words of others. You probably use my name in normal conversation more often than you think. So, do you know who I am?
  • 7. 
    I am Zeus' sister, as well as the goddess of agriculture. When my daughter Persephone was stolen by Hades and taken to the underworld, I had to go looking for her. Kids! So, while I was out trying to find her, the earth was in a perpetual state of winter. Take a stab at my identity!
  • 8. 
    You all know who I am! I made a deal with Dionysus so that everything I touched turned to gold. Sadly, I realized I made a mistake when my poor daughter turned to gold also. Well, can't have everything, I suppose!
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