Hand Idiom Quiz

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Hand Idiom Quiz - Quiz

Education quiz which helps you to improve your knowledge about idioms.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Hand in hand
    • A. 

      They seem to go together

    • B. 

      They are not compatible

  • 2. 
    To have a hand in something
    • A. 

      To take a part in something

    • B. 

      Not to be involved

  • 3. 
    On hand
    • A. 

      To go to different places

    • B. 

      To be available at the moment

  • 4. 
    On the one hand/on the other hand
    • A. 

      Two different facts or two opposite ways of thinking about a situation

    • B. 

      Same opinions and same way of thinking

  • 5. 
    Play into somebody's hands
    • A. 

      Trying to be the best

    • B. 

      To do something that gives someone else an advantage over you

  • 6. 
    To hand
    • A. 

      To stop someone for doing something bad

    • B. 

      To give something to someone by hand

  • 7. 
    Turn your hand to
    • A. 

      To be incapable to do something

    • B. 

      To begin to or to be able to do something

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