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Guess Who I Am!!! - Quiz

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Who am i? i have a long beard  i  put on red tops with a black belt and red  bottems i sya Ho Ho Ho i come round peoples houses on christmas eve and put down presants? So who am i?
    • A. 


    • B. 

      An old man

    • C. 

      A young Baby

  • 2. 
    Who am i? Im on High school musical im a hot boy i play basketball I first sang with gabbrella in the 1st high school musical. So who am i
    • A. 

      Zac Efron

    • B. 

      Ummmmmm Vannessa Hugdens

    • C. 

      Um me me me im that person i sing along with gabbrella im a hot boy i play basketball im called Chad from high school musical

  • 3. 
    Who am i? Im Famous im In the suite life of zac and cody Im rich in the show Who am i
    • A. 

      Brenda song

    • B. 

      Ummm Santa Wow i think its santa

    • C. 

      my sister

  • 4. 
    Who am i ? Im  a sponge im from Spongebob squerepantswho am i
    • A. 

      Spongebob. you gave it away silly

    • B. 

      Patrick the starfish?

    • C. 

      The director of spogebob sqerepants?

  • 5. 
    Who am i im from the simpsons im a baby im the youngest in my family who am i
    • A. 

      Maggie simpson

    • B. 

      Lisa simpson

    • C. 

      Bart simpson

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