German To English: Greetings And Farewells

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German Quizzes & Trivia

Test your knowledge of basic German greetings

Questions and Answers
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    Guten Morgen!

    The correct answer is "good morning, Good Morning, Good morning, good Morning." The question is asking for the correct greeting to use in the morning. The answer provides multiple variations of the phrase "good morning," showing that any of these variations would be appropriate for greeting someone in the morning.

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    The given correct answer is "Hello" because it is the most common and standard way of greeting someone. "Hallo" is also a valid greeting, but it is less commonly used. "Hello, hello" is redundant and repetitive, so it is not the correct answer.

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    The word "Mahlzeit" is a German greeting commonly used before a meal to wish someone a good meal. Therefore, the correct answer "have a good meal" accurately translates the meaning of "Mahlzeit" in English.

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    Guten Tag!

    The correct answer is "good afternoon" because "Guten Tag!" is a German greeting that translates to "good day" or "good afternoon" in English. Therefore, both "good afternoon" and "good day" are appropriate translations of the given phrase.

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    Guten Abend!

    The given answer "good evening" is the English translation of the German phrase "Guten Abend!". In German, "Guten Abend!" is used as a common greeting in the evening, similar to how "good evening" is used in English. Therefore, "good evening" is the correct translation of "Guten Abend!" in this context.

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    Gute Nacht!

    "Gute Nacht!" is a German phrase that translates to "good night" in English. The given answer is correct as it accurately translates the phrase.

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    Auf Wiedersehen!

    The correct answer is "Goodbye" because it is a common way to say farewell in the German language. "Auf Wiedersehen" is also a correct way to say goodbye in German, but it is not mentioned in the options. Therefore, "Goodbye" is the best answer among the given options.

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    The given answer 'bye, bye' is correct because it is a common way to say goodbye in informal settings. The repetition of the word emphasizes the farewell and adds a friendly tone to the message.

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