Finding The Average

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Finding The Average - Quiz

Find the mean.

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    To find an average (mean), you add all the numbers then take that answer and divide it by how many numbers there are.EX: 89+74+92=255you take 255 and divide it by 3. Do you understand? Please let me know if you don't.One bear at the zoo weighs 524 lbs. The others weigh 756 and 982. What is their average weight?
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    Three new cars cost $10,100$7,800 and $12,400. What is the average cost for these cars?
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    Paul's school has 687 students, Nicole's has 841, and Kurts  has 497. What is the average number of students at these schools?
  • 4. 
    One street in our neighborhood has 43 houses, one has 26, one has 18 and one has 37. What is the average number of houses per street?
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    Lynn has 365 stickers in her collection. Bridget has 343 and Karen has 219 and Liz has 37. What is the average number of stickers?
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    Four libraries each have this many books: 10,890; 14,594; 9,786; 12,754What is the average number of books for the libraries?
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    Doug found five different candy bars with these prices: 45,65,90,85 and 75 cents. What was the average price.
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