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FCE Word Formation: Quiz! - Quiz


Questions and Answers
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    Parents should think ________________ before they send their children abroad. CARE

    Parents should think carefully before they send their children abroad because it is a big decision that can have long-lasting effects on their children's lives. They need to consider factors such as the safety and security of the destination, the quality of education and healthcare available, the cultural and social environment, and the support systems in place for their children. Making a thoughtful and informed decision is important to ensure the well-being and success of their children in a foreign country.

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    Some ________________ offer to help schools with their exchange trips ORGANISE

    The correct answer is "organisations". This is because organisations often offer to help schools with their exchange trips. These organisations may provide assistance in coordinating the logistics, planning the itinerary, arranging accommodations, and facilitating the exchange program between schools.

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    The ____________________ of young people find it difficult to find work at the moment. MAJOR

    The word "majority" is the correct answer because it refers to a large or significant portion of a group. In this context, it means that most young people are facing difficulties in finding work currently.

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    When you go to live in another country, it can be difficult to overcome some ________________ differences. CULTURE

    When you go to live in another country, it can be difficult to overcome some cultural differences. These differences refer to variations in customs, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and values that exist between different societies or groups. Adapting to a new culture can be challenging as it requires understanding and respecting the norms and practices of the host country, which may be different from one's own cultural background.

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    A basic _________________________ of computers is required for most jobs these days. KNOW

    A basic knowledge of computers is required for most jobs these days because computers are widely used in various industries and professions. Having knowledge of computers allows individuals to effectively navigate computer systems, use software applications, and perform tasks efficiently. It also enables them to communicate and collaborate with others through digital platforms. In today's digital age, possessing computer knowledge is essential for individuals to stay competitive in the job market and adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

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    The most _______________ way to learn a language is to live in a country where it is spoken. EFFECT

    Living in a country where a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn it because it provides an immersive environment where one can practice the language daily. By being surrounded by native speakers, learners can improve their listening and speaking skills, pick up on natural language patterns, and gain cultural insights that are essential for language fluency. This hands-on experience allows for a deeper understanding and faster acquisition of the language compared to traditional classroom learning or self-study methods.

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    The purpose of email is to exchange ___________________________ between different people. CORRESPOND

    The purpose of email is to exchange correspondence between different people.

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    You should not feel any ___________________ to work on Sunday, but the job is really urgent! OBLIGE

    The word "obligation" fits in the blank because it means a duty or responsibility to do something. In this context, it suggests that there is a sense of duty or responsibility to work on Sunday, even though there may not be a desire or willingness to do so. The urgency of the job adds to the feeling of obligation.

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    Youtube provides an excellent source of _____________________ for everyone. ENTERTAIN

    Youtube provides an excellent source of entertainment for everyone. With a vast library of videos ranging from music, movies, TV shows, comedy sketches, and more, users can easily find content that suits their interests and preferences. Whether it's watching funny videos to unwind, catching up on the latest music releases, or exploring new TV shows and movies, Youtube offers endless entertainment options for users to enjoy.

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    Learning a new language can _________________ the mind.

    Learning a new language can broaden the mind by exposing individuals to new cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking. It expands their understanding of the world and enhances their cognitive abilities. Learning a new language requires individuals to think in different ways and adapt to new grammar and vocabulary, which stimulates their brain and promotes mental flexibility. Additionally, it allows individuals to communicate with a wider range of people, fostering empathy and understanding. Overall, learning a new language broadens individuals' horizons and enhances their cognitive and cultural awareness.

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