Family Medicine Receptionist Quiz

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| By Irene.kong
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Family Medicine Receptionist Quiz - Quiz

You will be given 60mins to finish this following 50 questions which are representing Family Medicine receptionist rountine work.
Hope you enjoy it!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Who you should inform after "Executive Check Up" booking?

  • 2. 

    Where can you find the "Orientation Folder" in the clinic?

  • 3. 

    What shoud you repeat to patient after you made appointment for them?

  • 4. 

    What would you say to the first caller when second call come?

  • 5. 

    Who are the doctors need to have 1hour for first time visit?

  • 6. 

    What is the "Work Flow of the Referral"?

  • 7. 

    What is "Tailored Check Up"?

  • 8. 

    Which Family doctor can see patients age under 5 ?

  • 9. 

    Who is kidney specialist?

  • 10. 

    If BJU Family doctors are fully booked, where can you recommend?

  • 11. 

    The patient calls to ask for a copy of the medical records today to be sent home. What is your response to the patient?

  • 12. 

    If Dr.Chen / Dr.Li want to add a patient during off time,How do you deal with it?

  • 13. 

    What would you ask patient for "a quick registration"?

  • 14. 

    What should you do with the superbills if patient cancel the appointment?

  • 15. 

    How do you prepare next day appointment charts?

  • 16. 

    Patient calls for an appointment, but patient has not been at the hospital for over one year. How do you handle the situation?

  • 17. 

    A patient calls and would like to see the specialist in the hospital without seeing the family doctor.How do you explain our policy to the patient?

  • 18. 

    A patient calls to reschedule his appointment, howerver the patient dose not remember the doctors name or exact time. How do you deal with the patient?

  • 19. 

    A patient calls to ask the costs of the lab tests. What would you do with the patient's request?

  • 20. 

    A patient calls for Dr.Qin Bin's appointment ,what would you do with patient's request?

  • 21. 

    How you greet and check in patient?

  • 22. 

    Where can you find patient's insurance information in Pims?

  • 23. 

    Where can you get "insurace claim info" in BJU public folder?

  • 24. 

    A patient calls for Sunday appointment, what 's your response?

  • 25. 

    Is there any extra charge for "Sunday Clinic Visit"?

  • 26. 

    If you find two different patient labels in one chart? How do you do with the situation?

  • 27. 

    A walk-in patient with bad stomache comes at 17:00 on Tuesday, How do you handle the situation?

  • 28. 

    If patient calls for a test result, What would you do with the request?

  • 29. 

    If patient wants to have"an phone consulation with doctor", How you would explain our policy to patient?

  • 30. 

    A patient wants to talk with doctors during clinic lunch time. What is your response?

  • 31. 

    A patient comes late for the appointment, what you need to inform patient?

  • 32. 

    A patient lost his scarf in the clinic, How you would deal with it? which department is in charge of "Lost and Found"?

  • 33. 

    A patient calls for the direction of BJU. What is your response?

  • 34. 

    A Patient calls for Dr.Khanjani's appointment, what you should ask patient?  

  • 35. 

    A patient calls for Dr.Shieh 's appointment,but there is no Session in BJU Family Medicine. Then Where you also should check?

  • 36. 

    How can you find doctor's schedule in the clinic?

  • 37. 

    Dose "Basic check up" includes chest x-ray?

  • 38. 

    A patient requests to have an injection with his own medication in the hospital. What is your response?

  • 39. 

    A new patient calls for the appointment.What should you inform to patient after appointment booking?

  • 40. 

    What is Dr.Cui Guoqing's speciality?

  • 41. 

    A patient says he comes for the appointment, but you checked with pims.there is no booking for him.How do you handle the situation?

  • 42. 

    If you notice a patient seating at waiting area very long time. What is your response?

  • 43. 

    If a patient comes for immunization or blood test appointment tommorrow.What you should check in the patient file?

  • 44. 

    Who are the urologists? Do you need to contact with Flora Zhao to get their schedule?

  • 45. 

    Is there any day doctors are running 20mins session slots ? When is last appointment time?

  • 46. 

    A patient wants to book an appointment for her new born baby with Dr.Jia. What's your response?

  • 47. 

    A patient calls for appointment with Dr.MacDonald during doctor's admin time? What you would do with it?

  • 48. 

    Someone ( not patient ) wants to have an interview with your doctor,what you would do with it?

  • 49. 

    If you notice there is a coughing patient seating at waiting area. What is your response?

  • 50. 

    This is the last question. Are above question difficult? which one you feel hard to answer?

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