A Date With Hidan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Girls Only)

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A Date With Hidan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Girls Only) - Quiz

Funny Akatsuki stuff, man!

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Hidan: >( Hay that is not True!!!!!!!!ME: i know Baby it's just.......it's just.......Hidan: it's just wat?ME: IT'S JUST SO SEXY!!!!X3ME: that better Baby?=3Hidan: yes................... u want to go yknow?ME: OH HIDAN YES!DD* i took off my shrit*X3Hidan: HOT!*we leave the room and have sex*X3


ME: Sorry but u don't qualify for a date with Hidan.=(Hidan: wat the matter Baby?ME:* put name her * didn't have wat it took to date u!Hidan: but ur the only girl for me Akatsuki_gir!ME:AWWWWWWWWWWW!=3 thx Hidan. ur the only guy for me too.Hidan: so................you wanna go do IT?ME:Oh Hidan YES !X3 DD * i took off my shrit*Hidan:HOT!* we leave to have sex*
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  • 1. 
    ME: hello * put name here * , Hidan & i r here to see if u got wat it takes to go on a date with him! Hidan u aks the First question!Hidan: K. Wat food do u like for a romantic date?
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  • 2. 
    Hidan: ur turn.ME: no keep going it's ur future date.Hidan: k. Wat spirit animal do u think u r?
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  • 3. 
    Hidan:Pic 1.  Pic 2. witch do u like best
    • A. 

      Pic 2

    • B. 


  • 4. 
    Hidan:How do u discrib me?
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  • 5. 
    Hidan: last question. Would u date me?
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      YES ( ME: YES!X3)

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