Beyblade Metal Fusion Beyblades

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Beyblade Metal Fusion Beyblades - Quiz

Do you know which Beyblade Metal Fusion characters own which beyblades? When answering, the first name, full name, or nick name of a character will be an acceptable answer! Spelling counts, so I'm sorry if you get a question wrong because you spelled someone's name wrong! The site doesn't give me many acceptable ways to spell each answer! Also, just as a forewarning, some beyblades are owned by more than one character, so be sure to include all the characters' names! When a beyblade is owned by more than one character, put an "and" in between each without commas or Read morethe "&" symbol! Finally, make sure to capitalize the first letter of each name (that doesn't include the "and"s)! Sorry to put all these rules on you, but the spelling options when making quizzesis extremely limited, so please follow these guidelines and have fun!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Burn Fireblaze

    The given answer includes three names: Ryo, Ryo Hagane, and Phoenix. These names are most likely related to the question prompt "Burn Fireblaze." It is possible that Ryo, Ryo Hagane, and Phoenix are characters or entities associated with Burn Fireblaze in a certain context, such as a video game, anime, or book series. Without further information, it is difficult to determine the exact relationship or significance of these names to Burn Fireblaze.

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  • 2. 

    Cyber Pegasus

    The given correct answer is "Sora, Sora Akatsuki." It seems that "Cyber Pegasus" is a term or concept related to the characters Sora and Sora Akatsuki. It is possible that "Cyber Pegasus" is the name of a weapon, power, or ability possessed by either Sora or Sora Akatsuki. Without further context, it is difficult to determine the exact meaning or relationship between these terms.

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  • 3. 

    Dark Bull

  • 4. 

    Dark Gasher

  • 5. 

    Dark Wolf

  • 6. 

    Earth Eagle

    The correct answer is "Tsubasa, Tsubasa Otori." This suggests that there is a character named Tsubasa Otori, and the name "Tsubasa" is also associated with this character. It is possible that "Tsubasa" is the character's first name, while "Tsubasa Otori" is their full name. The question is asking for both variations of the character's name, indicating that both "Tsubasa" and "Tsubasa Otori" are correct answers.

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  • 7. 

    Earth Virgo

  • 8. 

    Evil Gemios

    This question is asking for the possible combinations of people who could have Evil Gemios. The correct answer is "Dan and Reiki, Dan and Reiki Sodo, Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo." This means that Evil Gemios could belong to either Dan and Reiki, or Dan and Reiki Sodo, or Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo.

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  • 9. 

    Flame Libra

    The correct answer is Yu, Yu Tendo. This suggests that the character associated with Flame Libra is Yu Tendo.

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  • 10. 

    Flame Sagittario

    The given answer, "Kenta, Kenta Yumiya," is the correct answer because it accurately identifies the character associated with the name "Flame Sagittario." Kenta Yumiya is the owner and blader of Flame Sagittario, a Beyblade in the Beyblade Metal Fusion series. Kenta is a protagonist in the series and is known for his strong bond with Flame Sagittario. Therefore, the answer correctly links the character "Kenta" with the Beyblade "Flame Sagittario," using his full name "Kenta Yumiya."

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  • 11. 

    Lightning L Drago

    Ryuga is the correct answer because Lightning L Drago is the name of the Beyblade that Ryuga uses in the Beyblade series. Ryuga is a skilled and powerful blader who is known for his intense and aggressive battling style. He is one of the main rivals of the protagonist, Gingka, and their battles are always intense and exciting. Ryuga's skill and determination make him a formidable opponent, and his use of Lightning L Drago adds to his strength in battles.

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  • 12. 

    Rock Aries

  • 13. 

    Rock Leone

  • 14. 

    Storm Aquario

  • 15. 

    Storm Capricorn

  • 16. 

    Storm Pegasis

  • 17. 

    Thermal Pisces

  • 18. 

    Poison Serpent

    The given answer "Reiji, Reiji Mizuchi" is the correct answer because both "Reiji" and "Reiji Mizuchi" are names associated with the term "Poison Serpent." It is likely that "Reiji" and "Reiji Mizuchi" refer to the same person or character in a specific context.

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  • 19. 

    Rock Scorpio

  • 20. 

    Rock Orso

    The answer provided lists different variations of the name "Kumade Brothers" and includes all the possible combinations of the names Kumasuke, Kumaji, and Kumata. Therefore, the answer encompasses all the options given in the question.

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