Which Television Mom Are You?

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Which Television Mom Are You? - Quiz

Take the quiz and discover who your inner domestic diva most resembles. Are you an old-fashioned Joan Cleaver type or do you wear your apron for show only like a Desperate Housewife? You may be surprised with the results. It just might be time to trade your texting plan for a telegram. . .

You May Get

Clair Huxtable

Just like Clair Huxtable, you are a no-nonsense kind of woman.  You are a person who takes charge and follows through on everything. Children respect you and men follow your lead.  You are a do-it-all mom like Clair who was a professional by day and fed hungry teenagers by night.  The apron that matches your mom personality is the no-nonsense Olive Juice...but the apron that matches your sexy alter ego is Cinnamon Spice.

June Cleaver

You have a June-like reputation and have been teased endlessly because you are a little too "goody goody" for this age.  As a mom, you go the extra yard with cupcakes, waffles with sprinkles and after school snacks.  Your kids eat real food and you are not afraid to flaunt it.  As a wife you are so efficient, the family has lost track of how much you do...but when you are gone, they are lost.  Face it.  You are old-fashioned and would prefer to go back to 1950 when television was black and white and dinner was served at five.The apron that matches your personality is the feminineFrosted Cupcake...but the apron that matches your sexy alter ego is24 Karat Queen.
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    If someone cuts ahead of you in a long line, you...:
    • A. 

      Stay quiet because you don't want to fuss with a stranger and you can wait a little longer.

    • B. 

      Say, "Get to the back of the line Toots, I'm not standing here for my health."

    • C. 

      Bite your tongue, but push ahead of her and keep your rightful place in line.

    • D. 

      Pretend to wave at a friend and then move ahead of the line cheat when all are looking the other way.

  • 2. 
    The school sends home a note requesting baked goods THE VERY NEXT DAY.  You decide to:
    • A. 

      Send the same note back with this message, 'I'll send baked goods when you are polite enough to give me notice.'

    • B. 

      Send a box of Hostess Cupcakes and forget about it.

    • C. 

      Stay up all night baking Banana Split Cookies and packaging them in individual chinese boxes for the kids.

    • D. 

      Compromise by baking the cookie log you have in the frig for just such an emergency and add M&Ms to make them look more homemade.

  • 3. 
    You've just had a fabulous dinner at Fabio's in New York.  The Chef comes out to personally recommend a complimentary dessert, but you are too full for dessert and don't want to insult him so you...:
    • A. 

      Lie and tell the chef that you are due for coffee and dessert across town with your best friend's mother's neighbor.

    • B. 

      Thank him and give the dessert to your husband after the chef has left the table.

    • C. 

      Thank him for the dessert and slip it to the table next to you--all the while insisting they keep it hidden under a napkin until you have left.

    • D. 

      Ask for two desserts so the chef feels extra special.

  • 4. 
    You have a house full of your children's friends. They are on your ever last nerve, but you don't want to be "that" mom. So in order to get them to leave you...:
    • A. 

      Start showing your kid's baby pictures and talking about how great the music from the eighties was compared to today.

    • B. 

      Ask the kids if they want to stay for dinner. You are making liver and onions---otherwise they best be getting home.

    • C. 

      Text your kid. Ask them to politely dismiss their friends so the two of you can eat dinner in front of your favorite television show.

    • D. 

      Dress up as a fireman, climb a ladder to the second story where your kids are playing and tell the kids the place isn't safe and they should go home.

  • 5. 
    Your daughter comes home from a very bad day at school because her best friend let an embarassing secret out of the bag.  In order to cheer her up, you...:
    • A. 

      Facebook her evil best friend's naked baby pictures, talk about how cute she was and let it slip that she wasn't toilet trained until she was seven years old.

    • B. 

      Take your daughter to a chick flick and buy extra candy at the movie theatre even though you NEVER buy food at the theatre, because 'common we aren't the Rockefellers.'

    • C. 

      Bake Grandma's Sugar Cookies for her to take to school the next day and make peace with her friend.

    • D. 

      Call the friend's mother and get to the bottom of the conflict.

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