Are You Boy With The Bread (Team Peeta)

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| By Katniss13
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Boy Quizzes & Trivia

Peter and Gale are both boys that are after Katniss` heart but only one gets to ride off into the sunset with her in her fight against the Capital. Out of the two boys which one do you think would be perfect for you? Take the interesting quiz below and get your man.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What makes you happy the most in Hunger Games?

    • A.

      When Gale told Katniss to run off with him.

    • B.

      When Katniss told the story of Peeta giving her the bread.

    • C.

      When Katniss said she was going to kill Peeta

    • D.

      When Katniss Found Peeta.

    • E.

      When Katniss Kissed Peeta.

    • F.

      When The rules were changed so two could survive.

    • G.

      When Katniss Thought About Gale after kissing Peeta.

    • H.

      When Katniss didnt want to let go of Peeta's hand at the end. Duh!

    • I.

      When Peeta Figured out it was all for the games. They way she acted.

  • 2. 

    Who do you want Katniss to be in love with?

    • A.

      Gale Gale Gale!

    • B.

      Peeta Peeta Peeta!

    • C.


    • D.

      Umm...let me think.........PEETA!

  • 3. 

    What is your favorite color

    • A.

      Orange. Like the sunset.(:

    • B.

      Dont have one.

  • 4. 

    Who Do You Feel Sorry For?

    • A.

      Poor Gale.):

    • B.

      Poor Peeta.):

  • 5. 

    What would you cry about?

    • A.

      If Peeta died.!!)':

    • B.

      If Gale dies.!!!)':

  • 6. 

    Who Makes You Melt?

    • A.

      Fine Gale.(;

    • B.

      Yummy Peeta.!!!;)

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