Application Quiz #1 - 7th Grade

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7th Grade Quizzes & Trivia

Application Quiz #1 - 7th Grade

Questions and Answers
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    How do we insert a card in Hyperstudio?

    To insert a card in Hyperstudio, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + N" or "Control + N". This command creates a new card in the Hyperstudio software, allowing you to add content and information to the presentation. Using this shortcut saves time and provides a quick way to add new cards to your project.

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    How do we reset colors in Hyperstudio?

    To reset colors in Hyperstudio, you need to press the "ctrl k" or "Control K" or "control k" keys.

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    How do we insert a Text box in Hyperstudio?

    To insert a text box in Hyperstudio, you can use the keyboard shortcut "ctrl t" or "Control t" or "Ctrl T". These shortcuts allow you to quickly add a text box to your project without having to navigate through menus or use the mouse. By using these shortcuts, you can save time and easily enhance your project by adding text boxes for displaying information or interacting with the user.

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    How we go back and forth in a Hyperstudio, if we do not have buttons?

    The correct answer is "ctrl < and ctrl >". In Hyperstudio, if we do not have buttons, we can use the keyboard shortcuts "ctrl " to go back and forth. These shortcuts simulate the functionality of the "control less than" and "control greater than" buttons, allowing us to navigate between different screens or slides in the Hyperstudio program.

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    How do we insert a slide in PowerPoint?

    To insert a slide in PowerPoint, the shortcut key is Ctrl + M or Control + M. This keyboard shortcut allows users to quickly add a new slide to their presentation without having to go through the menu options. By pressing Ctrl + M or Control + M, a new slide will be inserted at the current position in the presentation, making it convenient and efficient for users to add or rearrange slides as needed.

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     Where do we save all our work?

    The correct answer is computer class folder, home directory, Computer Class. These options refer to different locations where we can save our work. The computer class folder is a specific folder within the computer class directory where we can save our work. The home directory is a personal directory for each user where they can save their files. Lastly, Computer Class is likely referring to a specific location or folder on the computer where we can save our work.

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        What version of Word are we using?

    The given answer "Word 2007, 2007" suggests that the version of Word being used is Word 2007. The repetition of "2007" reinforces this, indicating that there is no ambiguity or alternative version mentioned.

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  • 8. 

        Where is spell check located in Word?

    The correct answer is f7, by the button, abc. In Microsoft Word, the spell check feature can be accessed using the F7 key on the keyboard, by clicking the spell check button in the toolbar, or by selecting the "abc" option in the Tools or Review tab.

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        How do we move a picture in word ?

    To move a picture in Word, you can use the text wrapping feature. By selecting the picture and choosing the "text wrapping - tight" option, you can freely move the picture around the document. The provided answer includes the necessary steps to move a picture in Word using the "text wrapping - tight" setting.

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