Algebra I Challenge Test

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Algebra I Challenge Test - Quiz

Students must score 95% to be placed in Geometry Honors.
Students must score 80% to be placed in Geometry (non-Honors).
Students scoring below 80% are recommended to enroll in Algebra I

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What is your name? (If you are an international student, please enter your real name, not your American name.)

  • 2. 

    If you are an international student, what is your American name?  (If you do not have or want and American name, please enter the word none.)

    The correct answer is "none" because the question is asking for the respondent's American name, and if they do not have or want one, they should enter "none."

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  • 3. 

    What grade will you be in this year? Please enter a number from 6-12.

    The question asks for the grade the person will be in this year, and provides the options from 6 to 12. The correct answer can be any of these grades because it depends on the individual's current academic level.

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  • 4. 

    What was the last math class you took? (If you took the class in another country, please enter the name of the course here.)

  • 5. 

    What school taught your last math class? (If you took the class in another country, please enter the name of the country where you studied last year.)

  • 6. 

  • 7. 

  • 8. 

    The answer to the question is 1/6 or one sixth. This means that out of a whole, only one part is being referred to. In this case, it is specifically one out of six equal parts.

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  • 9. 

  • 10. 

    Write 5.6% as a decimal.

    The correct answer is 0.056. To convert a percentage to a decimal, divide the percentage by 100. In this case, 5.6 divided by 100 equals 0.056.

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  • 11. 

    What is 45% of 175?

    To find 45% of 175, we can multiply 175 by 0.45. This gives us 78.75. Therefore, 78.75 is the correct answer.

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  • 12. 

    What percent of 52 is 12?  Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    To find the percentage, we divide the given number (12) by the total number (52) and then multiply by 100. In this case, 12 divided by 52 equals 0.2307692308. Multiplying this by 100 gives us 23.07692308. Rounding this to the nearest tenth gives us 23.1. Hence, 23.1 is the percentage of 52 that is 12.

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  • 13. 

    Find A.

  • 14. 

    How many inches are in 35 feet?

    There are 12 inches in 1 foot. To find the number of inches in 35 feet, we can multiply 35 by 12. Therefore, 35 feet is equal to 420 inches.

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  • 15. 

    Convert 15,840 feet into miles.  (1 mile = 1760 yards; 1 yard = 3 feet).

    To convert feet into miles, we need to divide the given distance in feet by the number of feet in a mile. Since 1 mile is equal to 1760 yards and 1 yard is equal to 3 feet, we can multiply 1760 by 3 to get the number of feet in a mile, which is 5280. Dividing 15,840 by 5280 gives us 3 miles. Therefore, the correct answer is 3 miles.

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  • 16. 

    How many millimeters are in 4.511 meters?

    The given answer options state that there are 4511 millimeters in 4.511 meters. This is the correct answer because there are 1000 millimeters in one meter. Therefore, by multiplying 4.511 meters by 1000, we get 4511 millimeters. The answer is also expressed correctly in millimeters as 4511 mm and 4511mm.

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  • 17. 

    Convert 140 square feet into square inches.

    To convert square feet to square inches, you need to multiply the number of square feet by 144. In this case, 140 square feet multiplied by 144 equals 20,160 square inches.

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  • 18. 

    3(-9+17) = 

    The given expression can be simplified by performing the operation inside the parentheses first. -9+17 equals 8. Multiplying 3 by 8 gives us 24, which is the final answer.

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  • 19. 

    5(-8) - 21 = 

    The given expression is 5 multiplied by -8, which equals -40. Then, subtracting 21 from -40 gives us -61.

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  • 20. 

  • 21. 

  • 22. 

  • 23. 

  • 24. 

  • 25. 

  • 26. 

  • 27. 

    Find A.

    The given answer, "5x, 5 x," suggests that the value of A is equal to the product of 5x and 5. This can be interpreted as multiplying the variable x by 5 and then multiplying the result by 5. Therefore, the value of A is 25x.

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  • 28. 

    Find A.

  • 29. 

  • 30. 

    Find A.

  • 31. 

    Find A.

  • 32. 

    Find A.

  • 33. 

    How many hours did it take Ted to drive (in his new sports car) 272 miles if his average speed was 68 mph?

    Based on the information provided, we can calculate the time it took for Ted to drive 272 miles by dividing the distance by the average speed. 272 miles divided by 68 mph equals 4 hours. Therefore, it took Ted 4 hours to drive the 272 miles in his new sports car.

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  • 34. 

    Mr Drysdale earned $906.25 in interest in one year on money that he had deposited in his local bank. If the bank paid an interest rate of 6.25%, how much money did Mr Drysdale deposit?

    To find the amount of money Mr Drysdale deposited, we can use the formula for simple interest: Interest = Principal * Rate * Time. In this case, the interest earned is $906.25 and the interest rate is 6.25%. We can rearrange the formula to solve for the principal: Principal = Interest / (Rate * Time). Plugging in the values, we get Principal = $906.25 / (0.0625 * 1) = $14,500.00. Therefore, Mr Drysdale deposited $14,500.00.

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  • 35. 

    There's some number that if you subtract 15 from it first, and then multiply that total by 7, the result is 28.  Find the number.

    If we let the unknown number be represented by x, the given information can be translated into the equation (x - 15) * 7 = 28. By simplifying this equation, we can find that x - 15 = 4. Adding 15 to both sides of the equation, we get x = 19. Therefore, the number we are looking for is 19.

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