Treating the Treatables: Saving Lives through Medical Protocols, Foster Care and Proactive Thinking
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Does your shelter or rescue group have medical protocols in place to care for your pets and for your fostered dogs and cats? Foster programs are critical if we want to help more pets who are facing treatable medical conditions, as well as to expand the capacity of a community to care for its homeless pets. Elizabeth Berliner, DVM, MA, DABVP, addresses: how proactive thinking and medical protocols save lives; how to develop medical protocols; special issues faced in fostering treatable pets; the AVMA Model Practice Act of 2013 and what it means for your shelter or rescue organization; case presentations on parvo, URI, diarrhea, orthopedic, and skin outpatient protocols; and more.
Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Berliner
Date: September 18, 2014

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