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10 Questions

You will be asked to answer 10 true-false questions selected randomly from a pool of over 200 questions. The questions are based on the information in the 2017 edition of ‘Pocket Guide to IFRS® Standards:The Global Financial Reporting Language’ (the “Guide”).  For most questions, the answer is contained directly in the Guide.  For some questions, the Guide includes enough information to enable an ‘educated guess’ at the answer. 

In answering the questions:
-- assume that the amounts involved are material,
-- assume normal circumstances rather than a possible exceptional case, and
-- base your answer on the latest version of full IFRS Standards unless the question specifically asks about the IFRS for SMEs® Standard.

You will be able to review your answers before final submission.  After you submit your answers, you will immediately get a grade and be shown  the correct answers.  If you quit before answering all 10 questions, you will not be graded.
The questions and answers have not been reviewed or approved by the International Accounting Standards Board or IFRS Foundation and should not be relied on as an official interpretation of IFRS Standards.
Entire quiz © Copyright IFRS Foundation. All rights reserved. 

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