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Chinese Quizzes & Trivia

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    The term "Pinyin" refers to the system used to spell out Chinese characters using the Roman alphabet. "Pin" represents the action of spelling out the characters, while "yin" represents the sound or pronunciation of the characters. Therefore, "Pinyin" means the system of spelling out Chinese characters based on their pronunciation.

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    "iou"  would end up be?

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    What would "ien"  sound like?

    The given word "ien" would sound like "in".

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    When he taugh  "ua",  what did he say it sound like?

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    Wo shi ni de lao shi means?

    The phrase "wo shi ni de lao shi" is a translation from Mandarin Chinese to English. In English, it means "I am your teacher."

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    "uai" sounds like?

  • 7. 

    "uei" what got drop out when you?

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    Huan means?

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    "miao" like?

    The word "miao" is often associated with the sound that a cat makes. Therefore, the most logical and fitting answer to the question would be "cat".

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    Huai means?

  • 11. 

    "dui" means?

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    "qian" with 2nd tone would mean?

    The word "qian" with the 2nd tone in Mandarin Chinese means "money."

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    "shui" with 3rd tone would be?

    The Chinese character "shui" with the 3rd tone represents the word "water" in English. In Mandarin Chinese, tones are used to differentiate between words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings. The 3rd tone is a low tone that starts low and rises slightly. Therefore, when "shui" is pronounced with the 3rd tone, it specifically refers to the element "water".

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