What Exactly is a Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment“Personality assessment”. You’ve often heard this term thrown around in meetings and general conversation. But, have you ever wondered what is personality assessment, exactly?

Well, to define personality assessment in simple words, “it is something that helps in assessing an individual’s personality.” 

Assessing personality becomes necessary, especially when you have a job role to assign and need to find the right fit for same. That’s why recruiters and managers use personality assessments to identify the best fit while hiring for a new job profile.

But, how can a personality assessment help you, as an individual? 

Well, a personality assessment will help you answer some of the most important questions like:

  • Where you are and where you want to go in life?
  • What is the right career path for you?
  • Are you more introverted or extroverted? 
  • Are you more logical or more emotional? 
  • Are you easy-going or cautious? 

After all, knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie is the first step to succeeding in life.

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In fact, there are multiple types of personality assessments that help identify which personality type will thrive in which type of environment.

For example, an introverted person may thrive better in an office environment as an IT specialist or an analyst, whereas an extrovert makes an amazing salesperson.

Logical people are better accountants, whereas imaginative people make better artists and inventors.

Before you pick a field of employment, first have a look at where you would thrive and work well.

It makes no sense putting someone with no people skills in a sales-related field or someone who thrives on social interaction in a place where they see no-one for the entire day.

So, having a well-designed personality assessment tool is very necessary for testing and guidance.

What Assessment Tools Are Available to Measure Personality?

Here are two of the major personality tests used for personality evaluations:


The most commonly used and referred to method of personality testing is the system invented by Katharine Cook Briggs, and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. They proposed that there were four deciding factors about people, which in turn allowed for 16 different personality types.

The four factors were:

  1. (I)Introversion/Extraversion(E)
  2. (S)Sensing/Intuition(N)
  3. (T)Thinking/Feeling(F)
  4. (J)Judgement/Perception(P) 

What do I mean by that? Well, only of the two words in each section could be assigned to a person, which could create a combination like ISTJ, INTP, ENFJ, and so forth.

Using this as a way to define personalities proved far more effective than the original way of “People skills, or brains and logic” that people used to use. This meant that they discovered that extroverts preferred knowing a little about many things, whereas introverts preferred to specialize in depth. 

People with the “TJ” combination tended to make better lawyers and judges, whereas “FJ” types made better nurses, as they were more empathetic. The entire workforce was streamlined using this data, and businesses ran infinitely smoother.

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An outcome of the Myers-Briggs test is a test based on the “Big-Five Factors” of human personality, which are:

  • Openness : The first factor looks at whether a person is willing to try new things, or whether they prefer tried and tested methods. 
  • Contentiousness: The second factor is about whether a person is organized and rigid in their planning, or more flexible. 
  • Extraversion: Factor number three (extraversion) is whether the person is an introvert or an extrovert.
  • Agreeableness: The fourth factor - agreeableness, deals with a person’s capacity for empathy and compassion, or suspiciousness and logic. It looks at whether the person is warm, friendly, and tactful. 
  • Neuroticism: The final factor deals with emotional stability; whether the person feels and show emotions easily, or whether they hide everything as if life is a game of poker.

This method of personality assessment, however, didn’t come with a “guide to life” once you found out what sort of person you were. 

Luckily, many people have used this way of assessing a person’s personality as a springboard to design their guides, which has been very successful.

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How to Assess Personality?

A simple answer to this question would be - create an online personality assessment test.

These days, there are many online test makers that are designed to create personality test assessments in minutes. 

Visit this page to find some of the best-standardized personality tests, best student online assessments, and personality tests examples.

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The Final Word

Of course, there are a few problems with personality tests. Some people are biased about themselves, and try to paint themselves in a better light than they are.

People that are cold and calculating say they’re warm and friendly.

Some people think that they are friendly, because they haven’t met friendlier people, or all the people they meet are less socially-talented than they are.

The way to fix this is to bring a friend to the test naturally. The friend knows about a person better than the people themselves, and so the test will be more accurate.

To sum it all up, taking a personality test will help you find the right fit for yourself and bring you closer to your best & worst qualities which will ultimately lead you to the most suitable career for yourself.

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