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The Philippines is one of the largest countries in Asia in terms of population and one of the emerging economies of the world. The country is located on the Ring of Fire which makes it vulnerable to natural disasters.

There are still many things to find out about the Philippines and now you can do that very easily by just trying out our Philippines quizzes.

Check out a few of the sample questions: What is the capital of the Philippines? What is the biggest city in the Philippines? What was the first European country to colonize the Philippines? Who was the Spanish King in whose honor the Philippines were named? Take the extra step forward and find out everything about the Philippines now.

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  • changes in materials, utilities, partitioning, etc but doesn’t increase the overall area thereof.

  • Is a component including its attachments having fundamental period less than or equal to 0.06 sec. (NSCP 208.20)
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  • change in use or occupancy

  • Is a component including its attachments having fundamental period greater than 0.60 sec. (NSCP 208.20)
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  • IT is a structural system without complete vertical local carrying space frame. (nscp 208.20)
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  • Philippines Independence Day is celebrated on what date?
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  • Which city is known as the “Walled City”
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  • Which country occupied the philippines during world war II?
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  • Area Separation – enclosed attic space of combustible construction shall be divided into horizontal area max of _____ sq.m. area, _____ sq.m. in area for attic with Fire-extinguishing system....