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Get insights into your customers’ choices with survey comments

With ProProfs comments you can create insightful customer feedback surveys, which gather data around not only what your customer choices are but also reveal the motivation behind their choices. Often, customers feel restricted in answering simple ranking and rating surveys. By adding comment fields, you allow your customers to share the reasons for their decisions. [...]

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Save time by auto enrolling learners via API

With ProProfs, you can manage the registration of learners in a number of ways. One of the most effective ways to register learners to your classroom is by auto enrolling them via API. This is suitable for large enterprises such as manufacturing companies, where the employee churn is high, and large number of employees are [...]

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Automate Student Registration to Courses or Groups Using Secret Join Codes

A while back we released the self-registration feature, which allowed instructors to automate the registry of learners to a course, quiz or group. Taking this a step further, we have introduced “join codes” using which instructors can allow learners to instantly self-register to one or more groups. Instead of manually adding learners to the correct [...]

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ProProfs Training Maker now speaks 72 languages!

No matter what language your customers, clients or students speak, they can now take the training you’ve made for them in a language they know and understand. With multiple language support in the Training Maker, you can now create training and assign it for your users in a language you know they prefer. With 72 [...]

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