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  • Word Search Family Word Search
    Everyone loves a good word search game, and this ProProfs word search allows you to hunt for words…
  • Sudoku Sudoku

    Come and play to find out why so many people are addicted in this simple logical game.

  • Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi

    Drive a car as crazily as you would like with Crazy Taxi! Get your car moving and reach the next…

  • Row Slide Puzzle Row Slide Puzzle

    Slide the tiles to get back the original picture!

  • Memory Memory
    Train up your memory by playing this matching game.
Family Word Search
How to play Word Search?
  • Words run horizontally, vertically, diagonally & even backwards
  • Drag to select words.
  • Find words as fast as possible to win.

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Stretch Your Mental Muscle & Have Fun Doing It

Practicing new skills and learning new facts is often presented as less than exciting, but education does not have to be this way. Good teachers have always known that puzzle games are some of the best ways to get old and young alike well on their way towards mastering a subject area. ProProfs is dedicated to the mission of combining education and entertainment, providing free online puzzles, brain games, and other fun resources to get people actively involved in the learning process.

Free Puzzle Games For All

ProProfs has adapted many classic games into interactive free brain games with fun twists: Word search, Crosswords, Memory Games, Typing Games, Sliding Puzzles, Brain Training Games and many more brain teasers, games, puzzles.

Skills are developed each time one of these puzzle games is played, allowing people to "stretch their mental muscles" and have a good time while doing it. Many people have found these brain games to be exceedingly helpful for reviewing old skills and mastering new ones. Try a puzzle game and experience it for yourself.

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Playing Brain Games & Puzzles has health benefits

Some people may consider puzzles like Sudoku, number games, word jumbles, and other such activities to be merely a fun way to pass the time. Recent studies, however, have shown these games & puzzles to have benefits that go far beyond rest and relaxation. Researchers have seen correlations between the regular playing of games or the solving of puzzles and the delay of memory-related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. Those who spend time exercising their mind with a puzzle game on a consistent basis generally maintain their mental faculties longer than those who do not play such brain games. Memory-related diseases set in later in those who do these activities than in those who never look at such games. Puzzles & brain games engage the mind, thereby boosting the mind.

ProProfs is pleased to offer thousands of free puzzles that can help people ward off such memory afflictions well into their later years. Many of the games found on this site are the very same ones proven to help people keep their memories longer, and those who play them are likely to find that a free online puzzle a day will keep the doctor away.

Free Puzzles

Nearly Four Thousand and Counting

There is a free puzzle game available to suit nearly every fancy at "ProProfs Brain Games", and you are welcome to play each of them as often as you wish and find out how your score stacks up against scores from people all over the world. Our library is approaching four thousand online puzzles and games, and it is bound to grow as the days go by. Keep checking back for the latest updates and to sample one of our new, exciting free puzzles designed to make learning fun.

Online Brain Training

Keep Your Memory and Attention Sharp for Decades

Memories tend to get fuzzy as people age, but it does not have to be that way. When played on a consistent basis, puzzles and other fun online games provide brain training by keeping the mind's focus sharp, allowing for better memory retention. A free online puzzle a day really can keep the doctor away from having to deal with attention problems and other associated disorders of the mind. Brain training with games and puzzles is among the best ways to maintain and active and productive use of all your mental faculties.

Brain Games In the News

  1. More doctor's prescriptions may include brain games to improve mental acuity
    More doctor's prescriptions may include brain games to improve mental acuity
    "Patients can expect to see more gaming in medical settings in the years to come, especially brain games."

  2. Mental Stimulation Delays the Start of Memory Decline, Study Shows
    Mental Stimulation Delays the Start of Memory Decline, Study Shows "A recent study shows that increased participation in activities that stimulate the brain may delay onset of dementia-related memory decline in older seniors."
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