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  • Word Search Family Word Search
    Everyone loves a good word search game, and this ProProfs word search allows you to hunt for words…
  • Sudoku Sudoku

    Come and play to find out why so many people are addicted in this simple logical game.

  • Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi

    Drive a car as crazily as you would like with Crazy Taxi! Get your car moving and reach the next…

  • Row Slide Puzzle Row Slide Puzzle

    Slide the tiles to get back the original picture!

  • Memory Memory
    Train up your memory by playing this matching game.
  • Nemo jigsaw Nemo Jigsaw
    Nemo jigsaw puzzle game
  •  London Tower Bridge London Tower Bridge

Family Word Search

Puzzles & Brain Games

Are you ready to challenge your brain? ProProfs Games is the best place to get started! Create your own brain teaser, trivia or puzzles game and share it with friends. We are dedicated to the mission of combining education and entertainment and provide free online puzzles, brain games, and other fun resources to get you actively involved in the learning process. Challenge your mind and enhance your brain's health, speed and performance. You'll love it.

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    Free & Simple

    Games for every level. No HTML experience or software download required.

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    Create Games

    Stretch your mental muscle and create your own game. Share with friends and have fun!

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    Sharper Memory

    Brain games and puzzles train the brain and keep the mind focused; allowing for better memory retention.

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    Train Anywhere

    Online brain games and puzzles can be taken anywhere! Renew old skills or master new ones, anytime you want.

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    Cope with Stress

    Give your brain a boost by playing a fun game online. It's proven to help you cope with stress better.

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    Take a Break

    Take on a new challenging game and break out from your routine. Excercising the brain keeps it fresh & alive.

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