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ProProfs helped me pass my exams
I've used ProProfs Flashcards to study for my many types of exams, and passed them all! ProProfs is great!
John Smith, Student University
John Smith
Everyone should give it a try!
I am most impressed with the product. It is simple to use. Everyone should give it a try!

Prof. Daniel Stein Director of Technology, Touro College
aniel Stein
John Smith,
Student University
Prof. Daniel Stein,
Director of Technology, Touro College

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Study For A Test

Create online flashcards to study for a test at school or at work. Flashcards help you remember details.

Learn A Language

Repetition is one of the keys to learning a language, and ProProfs online flashcards help you learn anytime, anywhere.
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Memorize Anything

No matter what you need to memorize, online flashcards can help. Great for speeches, certification, licensing, and more.

What is ProProfs Flashcard Maker?

ProProfs Flashcards Maker is the perfect tool to create memory aids and study facts, words, formulas and quotes. Using ProProfs Flashcards, you can create engaging and informative flashcards by adding images and weblinks to them. You can easily create your own set or choose from more than 100,000 ready-to-use flashcards in the ProProfs library. Branded flashcards can also be created by customizing the fonts, colors and text. With no complicated software to download or learn, ProProfs Flashcards Maker is an ideal tool to create public or private flashcards.

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Free and Simple!
For all skill levels. No HTML experience or software download required.
Make Learning Fun
Add pictures to flashcards to make studying fun, as well as effective.
Memorizing Made Easy!
Flashcards are a great tool for increasing memory and retention.
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Host flashcards on ProProfs, or embed on your website or blog.
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Share flashcards on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
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Mobile access lets you study flashcards on the go.

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