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World’s Easiest eLearning Software

Author elearning content from scratch or reuse current material

Easily author delightful elearning content and beautiful courses. Create elearning content from scratch or simply build custom elearning courses using 100+ expert customizable courses from ProProfs course library. Add images, docs, presentations and videos to personalize learners experience. Add quizzes & surveys to engage and assess learners. This software makes elearning content development easy. No experience needed.

Author Beautiful eLearning Courses

Large library of quizzes, images, courses and other elearning assets

Author beautiful elearning courses using our huge library of professionally designed themes, courses, quizzes, images, pdf documents, videos, learning packages and other elearning assets. Authoring is made easy using tools like course maker, quiz maker, survey maker, image assets, and more. Brand content with your own colors and logo. Customize completion certificates by adding your own signature, color and design.

Anytime & Anywhere Learning

Tools that build courses that work anywhere

Compatible with all devices-eLearning tool

Easily create elearning courses that work on all devices including laptops, tablets and mobiles. Once the courses are published, you can easily share them via email, embed on your website and blog or even share with private groups with each learner having their own login credentials. Simply build elearning content in 70+ languages.

  • Courses work on all devices
  • 70+ languages supported
  • Public or private courses

Tin Can, HRIS, API, 100 Settings & Integrations

World’s most configurable elearning system

Integrations with eLearning software

Easily register learners activity using Tin Can & SCORM. Import your existing course materials into ProProfs easily. 100+ settings and smart configurations make our world’s #1 authoring tool much simpler. Set course compliances, completion dates, automate reminders and manage certificate expiration and more. We also support REST API, other advanced APIs and integrations like SalesForce, MailChimp and many more.

  • Tin Can & SCORM
  • 50+ Integrations
  • 100+ Settings including Reminders, Notifications & Compliance

Learning Management System With Authoring Capability

All eLearning Tools & Reports You Need In One Place

ProProfs elearning software is a simple authoring tool that supports reusing of elearning assets across all learning content channels. Simply author courses and quizzes and use delightful reports and analytics. Get useful insights to understand where learners are having difficulty or time taken by them on a course. Check out various reports to know your learners who have taken the course, who needs to take courses, scores, performance, engagement and more.

  • Author courses & quizzes
  • Keep track of learners & see what’s working
  • Track performance & engagement
  • See who has taken a course & who needs to

Our eLearning Software Includes

Learning apps that are great individually, unstoppable when used together

Elearning Software
  • #1 quiz making software means you can integrate quizzes into your online training courses.

  • Leading survey making software allows you to survey learners and evaluate your courses and instructors.

  • Create an online knowledge base to provide additional information and learning resources.

  • Build a learner community, facilitate conversations, discussions and optimize knowledge exchange.

How it Works

Create Training
eLearning Authoring
Online Training
Security & Compatibility
  • Public & private courses
  • Access control with passwords set-up
  • Share & embed online courses
  • Works across multiple platforms
  • Compatible with different devices
Training Software
Tracking & Reporting
  • Trainee tracking & progress reports
  • Gather learner information
  • Course stats & advanced reports
  • Create detailed report cards
  • Insightful reports & intelligent analytics

Perfect for

Employee Training

Create and administer employee training courses. Deploy new courses and monitor employee progress.

Learning Management System

Learning management system (LMS) is a tool that offers the framework to facilitate online learning or training.

eLearning Courses

Create public or private eLearning courses. Access them anytime, anywhere and across devices.


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    Design & Brand

    Create attractive online courses quickly and easily.

  • Pre-Built Courses

    100+ pre-built themes and courses.

  • Train and track thousands of learners easily.

  • brand-icon
    Measure Knowledge

    Integrated quizzes & surveys to assess learning objectives.

  • Share Knowledge

    Distribute knowledge with collaboration and knowledge base tools.

  • Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

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    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access training courses on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

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    Sell Courses

    Sell courses and make money using Stripe or ProProfs Gateway.

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    100+ Customizations

    100+ settings for security, access control, branding etc.

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