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What is a learning management system

A Learning management system (LMS software) is a software application used for planning, implementing and assessing a particular learning process. In simple words, an LMS is responsible for handling and managing elearning courses. It allows you to create elearning content (in the form of easy to understand lessons), organize it into courses, ensure delivery of the content (which can be internally within an organization or to a larger Internet audience base), enroll the learners to specific courses and last but not the least, track, monitor and review the performance of the students. Usually, an LMS training system offers the educator/teacher/instructor a viable way to understand if the training is working in the right direction or not. An LMS system also equips the learners/students to leverage the interactive features - like threaded discussions, video conferencing etc - to its full potential. As ‘Microsoft Word’ allows you to create documents and Gmail lets you manage your emails, an online LMS software allows you to develop, manage and even deliver elearning courses. It would be more appropriate to say that an LMS powers elearning.

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Who uses an LMS?

LMS has emerged as a key tool for all those who are into eLearning and eyeing for a better grasp on the continuing education of its employees.It comprises a lot more than just the educational institutions.

In the past few decades, businesses have been increasingly using cloud-based LMS software to offer training to internal employees and clients.

Create professional courses

Build courses 5x faster

Build courses 5x faster

Designed to save the time of training professionals and educators, ProProfs LMS is a easy-to use tool that requires no HTML skills or special training at your end. The Saas learning management system (LMS) is highly intuitive for trainers as well as learners with an easy-to-navigate system, automated features and streamlined processes that make creating robust courses easy and simple.

  • Easy and intuitive authoring tool
  • No coding or training required
  • Customize with a drag and drop
Train anytime and everywhere

Train anytime and everywhere

Bring the power of mobile learning into your training programs. Build courses that automatically fit the screen sizes of any device whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Android. ProProfs LMS cloud based training system allows browser-based documentation so that you can author courses from anywhere, at any time. With all your courses hosted in the cloud, you can train employees, customers and partners all around the world.

  • Mobile learning made easy
  • Access courses in the cloud
  • Compatible with all devices & OS
Meet compliance & manage learners

Meet compliance & manage learners

Whether you want to meet compliance requirements or offer training certifications to globally based learners, ProProfs meets all your needs. It’s an all-in-one online LMS training solution that comes with a world-class quiz creator to build online assessments, virtual classrooms for managing large batches of learners, automated certifications for managing compliance and many more enterprise-grade features.

  • Add quizzes and surveys to your course
  • Automated re-certifications to meet compliance
  • View powerful reports and analytics
Tin Can API & more integrations

Tin Can API & more integrations

ProProfs is an enterprise-grade LMS that interacts with other eLearning tools, so that you can import training materials easily from any LMS such as Captivate, iSpring, Articulate and the like. Additionally, our online learning management system integrates seamlessly with CRMs such as Salesforce, Highrise as well as email marketing software including MailChimp, Vertical Response and many more. Last but not the least, you can measure learning interactions as our LMS is Tin Can and SCORM compliant.

  • Import courses from any LMS
  • Integrates with popular CRMs & email marketing software
  • Tin Can & SCORM compliant LMS

How it Works


Create Online Courses

  • Create courses & e-learning content
  • Add articles, docs & media
  • Add online tests & quizzes
  • Automatic grading & certification
  • Branding & security options

Anytime & Anywhere Access

  • Public & private courses
  • Full access control with passwords
  • Share & embed courses
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Works across different devices

Tracking & Reporting

  • Track learner progress
  • Capture information of learners
  • Quiz statistics & detailed reports
  • Issue report cards
  • Insightful reports & analytics

Perfect For

Induction Training

Welcome your new hires and train them the basics of your organization’s values.


Help employees learn the legal regulations and policies liable to your organization.

SexualHarassment Training

Introduce employees to sexual harassment prevention methods for a safer workplace.

LMS Software Features

World's leading tool to create LMS
  • Free and Simple

    Free & Simple

    For all skill levels. No HTML experience or software download required.

  • Security Controls

    Security Controls

    Keep your courses private & secure with password settings & privacy controls.

  • Superb Analytics

    Superb Analytics

    Detailed reports of completed, pending and in-progress attempts of each learner.

  • No Hosting Hassles

    No Hosting Hassles

    Modern, web-based learning management system with no server integration or software installation.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Create courses that work across all operating systems, tablets & smartphones.

  • Support and Service

    Support and Service

    Dedicated phone & chat support, including videos, FAQs & email support.

  • Scalable LMS System

    Scalable LMS System

    An evolving LMS to meet technological advances and your company's requirements.

  • Custom Branding

    Custom Branding

    Host courses with ProProfs or customize the design and embed on your website.

  • Training Certification

    Training Certification

    Create and deliver training completion certificates to your course takers

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