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What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System is an interactive software platform that allows individuals or businesses to plan, create, manage and deliver elearning content while tracking learner engagement at the same time. Using a cloud based LMS, educators can create courses and assign them directly to any number of learners who are either individuals or a part of a unique classroom. Learners simply need to log-in to their respective classrooms with secure credentials and access courses as per their designated learning paths. Apart from that, an LMS platform also allows for tracking the learning outcomes with unique reports such as who attempted what and when and where a learner stands on their learning journey.

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Create Online Courses

Create simple to advanced online courses on any topic hassle-free, without any coding or technical expertise.

Train Employees with Cloud Based LMS
Train Employees

Promote self-paced learning and train hundreds to thousands of employees anytime, anywhere.

Tin Can API

Track diverse aspects of your courses such as who attempted what course and when.

World’s Simplest Way to Create Online Courses

Create engaging online courses using existing content
Create Online Courses

Easily create beautiful online courses that delight your learners. Create a new course or choose from existing 100+ expert customizable courses from ProProfs course library. Upload your own training content including images, videos, presentations and docs. Directly embed quizzes & surveys to courses to engage and assess learners.

Easily Administer Small Groups to Thousands of Employees

Organize learners using groups, self enrollment, API & more
Saas Learning Management System

Organize learners into groups or classes to centralize assigning courses and quizzes. Groups also support features like self enrollment, group reports, group admins and more so it's easy to manage large number of users. Explore 100+ settings that let you customize your experience with features like reminders, notifications, authentication, restricting attempts and more. Easily offer topic-specific course bundles or skill-specific learning paths to administer holistic learning..

  • Users & Groups
  • Self enrollment
  • Reminders, Learning Paths, Course Bundles
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SCORM, Tin Can, xAPI, HRIS, API & 50+ Integrations

LMS Software that works well with all your existing systems
SCORM, Tin Can, xAPI, HRIS, API & 50+ Integrations

Easily measure learning interactions using Tin Can & Scorm. You can import your existing training materials into ProProfs easily. Manage learners at one place using Active Directory and LDAP integration that enables Single Sign On (SSO) for easy login and quick authentication process. We also support an advanced API and integrations like SalesForce, MailChimp and many more.

  • xAPI, Tin Can & SCORM
  • API & 50+ integrations
  • LDAP, Active Directory, Sales Force & 50+ integrations

Online Classroom & 100+ Settings

Personalize learner experience with 100+ settings & learner portal
Online Classroom & 100+ Settings

Learning management software enables learners to interact, discuss and learn in a collaborative manner using online classrooms. Using 100+ settings and smart configurations, you can let learners have a personalized experience by having an online classroom that shows their assignments, courses, announcements and more to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning.

  • Online learner portal
  • 100+ settings
  • Discussions

Delightful Reports & Analytics

Learning Management System that makes you smarter
Learning Management System Reporting

Get useful insights with the help of advanced reports to understand where learners are having difficulty or where they spend time in a course. Check out various reports to know your learners, their scores, performance and more. Save time by automating course grading along with feedback and delight learners with instant results & feedback.

  • See who has taken a course & who needs to
  • Grading & scoring automation
  • Track performance & engagement

What Can an LMS do for you?

Using an Learning Management Software, you can create, distribute, administer and track a variety of online courses that your learners can access anytime and anywhere. You can access all the courses from one central location to ease out administrative hassles so that your focus remains on creating information-driven courses. Moreover, you can also track who attempts what course with reports to identify gaps and improve your learning outcomes. Given that an Learning Management Software can be used to train hundreds of thousands of learners at a time without over-relying on classroom training and printed materials, you can also reduce training costs.

Osha Training

Easily create and schedule OSHA training for your workforce. Boost employee knowledge about government policies, workplace safety or compliance to foster a conducive work environment.

Sales Training

Conduct beginner to expert sales training from an easy-to-use, intuitive learning interface. Allow sales reps to learn at their own comfortable pace, anytime and anywhere.

Safety Training

Educate your employees about workplace safety and its importance without any constraints. Train thousands of employees while tracking individual progress, from a single dashboard.


  • Design your courses

    Design & Brand

    Create attractive online courses quickly and easily.

  • Pre-Built Courses & Themes

    Pre-Built Courses

    100+ pre-built themes and courses.

  • Online Lms System

    Learning Management

    Train and track thousands of learners easily.

  • Measure Knowledge

    Measure Knowledge

    Integrated quizzes & surveys to assess learning objectives.

  • Share Knowledge

    Share Knowledge

    Distribute knowledge with collaboration and knowledge base tools.

  • Simple & Easy to Use

    Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • View & Access Training Courses Anytime Anywhere

    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access training courses on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • Sell Courses

    Sell Courses

    Sell courses and make money using Stripe or ProProfs Gateway.

  • Customized Courses with LMS Training System

    100+ Customizations

    100+ settings for security, access control, branding etc.

LMS is Valued Across Industries

Engineer your training LMS according to your business objectives and industry requirements. The learning management platform adopts the role of a continuous source of information for the workers, teaching them safety measures, business objectives, industry standards, and policies as well as job-specific skills. Knowledge sharing and collaboration among learners through LMS is a cost-effective approach for businesses to nurture skills. The user-friendly platform matches different learning styles and qualifications of the workers- especially the ones’ involved with the manufacturing industry. It is a one-time investment for any organization that guarantees positive long-term results. Employee training and development through such a platform is the ideal method that prevents unnecessary wastage of time and money.


Healthcare professionals require adequate training and development to remain updated. Proper training programs create skilled medical personnel who are qualified to address the medical issues of any patient accurately.


Satisfied customers decide the success of any company that specializes in the hospitality business. Effective employee training program enhances interpersonal skills and reflects the company’s overall work culture performance.


Staff training in manufacturing industry teaches workplace safety measures. Effective training programs develop job-specific skills, boost work productivity and confidence of the workers as well as help prevent workplace accidents efficiently.

LMS Software Integrations

ProProfs LMS seamlessly integrates with leading CRM, email marketing, ticketing and analytics tools. This helps you keep a better track of prospects, opportunities and other sales information, and get useful insights for creating better courses in the future. You can also enjoy better engagement and sales with every online course that you create.


Import vital learner data directly to Salesforce as users log in to attempt the courses. Track learner engagement and view their performance pre and post-course, right from your Salesforce dashboard. Access course materials, user data, and reports, all within Salesforce.


Grow your email list effortlessly on the side with ProProfs LMS and MailChimp integration. Send learner details directly to MailChimp whenever new learners sign up for your courses. Notify learners directly whenever you roll-out a new course or an update. Engage active and passive learners.


Bring agility to your recruitment and employee training with ProProfs LMS and TribeHR integration. Assign specific courses to potential hires or employees while tracking performance through completion and passing reports; directly from the TribeHR. dashboard. Conduct training assessments and view test results.

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