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Online Test Making Software Buyers Guide

With a number of Test Making Software available out there, selecting the right one for yourself or your organization can become a daunting task. However, choosing the wrong software can not only be a waste of your time and money but also hinder the learning process. Here are 11 errors you should avoid to make [...]

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Create Online Classrooms with ProProfs for Easy Learner Management

To enhance your e-learning experience, ProProfs has introduced online classrooms. Now you can create online classrooms to offer a central place for all your learners for accessing all their assigned quizzes or courses.     What is an Online Classroom? By creating an online classroom with ProProfs, you offer a secure & centralized way to assign quizzes [...]

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10 Reasons Why People Choose ProProfs Quiz Maker

Purchasing a suitable quiz software service for your organization can be challenging. In a competitive economy, you can give your organization an added edge and benefit from the many advantages offered by ProProfs Quiz Maker. ProProfs Quiz Maker is comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable and allows users to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. Outlined below are [...]

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Ten Ideas to Promote Your Quiz, Poll or Survey

Quizzes, polls, and surveys are effective assessment, marketing, and practice tools. They provide a means for engaging your client base and collecting pertinent information to keep you informed. As you create these tools for your course or business, you should consider how to promote them to your target audience. When creating a quiz in ProProfs [...]

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Using Quizzes to Enhance Social Media Marketing

Using Quizzes to Enhance Social Media Marketing

Using social media is a reality. People of all ages have discovered that networking digitally increases their circle of friends and core supporters. Social media is a new way to do something old. It’s an efficient way to keep in contact and share information with a large group of people at one time. Businesses find [...]

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Ten Ways to Customize End of Quiz

Instructors should consider not only the best content for a quiz, but also the most effective method of concluding a quiz in order to help improve the student learning experience. Whether it’s feedback or a chance to get the answers, there are a several options to consider when deciding how you want the quiz to [...]

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