Mahabharat And Ramayan Trivia

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Who is the father of Lord Krishna?

Answer: Vasudeva
Vasudeva is considered to be the father of Lord Krishna. In Hindu mythology, Vasudeva was the husband of Devaki, who gave birth to Lord Krishna. He played a significant role in protecting and raising Lord Krishna during his early years. Vasudeva's devotion and love towards his son are well-known, as he went through numerous challenges and obstacles to ensure his safety. Therefore, Vasudeva is widely recognized as the father of Lord Krishna.

What is the name of the conch shell of Sahadeva?

Answer: Manipushpaka
The correct answer is "manipushpaka." Manipushpaka is the name of the conch shell associated with Sahadeva, one of the Pandava brothers in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Conch shells hold significant symbolic value in Hindu mythology and are often used as musical instruments or as weapons in battles. Manipushpaka is known for its beautiful and enchanting sound, making it a fitting choice for Sahadeva, who was known for his intelligence and wisdom.

Who was the wife of Lakshmana?

Answer: Urmila
The correct answer is Urmila. Urmila was the wife of Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Urmila was known for her unwavering devotion and sacrifice towards her husband. While Lakshmana accompanied Lord Rama during his exile, Urmila stayed back in Ayodhya and slept for the entire duration of their exile, taking on the burden of Lakshmana's share of sleep. This act of selflessness and dedication makes Urmila the correct answer to the question.

Who was the monkey father of Hanuman?

Answer: Kesari
Kesari is the correct answer because according to Hindu mythology, Kesari was the father of Hanuman. He was a vanara (monkey) and the husband of Anjana. Kesari's name is mentioned in various texts and scriptures, including the Ramayana, which narrates the story of Hanuman. Therefore, Kesari is considered to be the monkey father of Hanuman.

Who was the son of the architect, Vishwakarma, in the Ramayana?

Answer: Nala
In the Ramayana, Nala is mentioned as the son of the architect Vishwakarma. He is known for his exceptional skills in construction and engineering. Nala played a significant role in building the bridge to Lanka, which allowed Lord Rama and his army to reach the demon king Ravana's kingdom. Nala's expertise and contribution in the construction of the bridge highlight his importance in the epic.

What is the name of the bow of Krishna?

Answer: Saranga
The correct answer is saranga. In Hindu mythology, Saranga is the name of the bow of Lord Krishna. It is said to be a celestial bow gifted to him by Lord Shiva. Krishna is often depicted holding the Saranga bow in various artistic representations.

Who is the son of Chitrangada and Arjuna?

Answer: Babruvahana
The son of Chitrangada and Arjuna is Babruvahana. In the epic Mahabharata, Chitrangada is the princess of Manipur, and Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, marries her during his period of exile. Babruvahana later becomes a significant character in the story, particularly in the context of his interactions with his father, Arjuna.

What was the birth name of Kunthi?

Answer: Pritha
Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas in the Indian epic Mahabharata, is also known by another name – Pritha. Kunti was given the name Pritha at birth, and she is often referred to by this name in the Mahabharata. She later became known as Kunti after being adopted by King Kuntibhoja.

What is the name of Balarama's club?

Answer: Sunanda
Balarama's club is called "Sunanda." In Hindu mythology, Balarama is the elder brother of Krishna and is known for his immense strength and combat skills. Sunanda, his formidable weapon, is often depicted in various scriptures and artworks. Balarama's association with his club highlights his role as a powerful warrior and protector, complementing Krishna's more strategic and diplomatic approach to challenges.

Who is the father of Yamuna Devi?

Answer: Surya
Surya is considered the father of Yamuna Devi in Hindu mythology. Surya is the Sun god and is believed to be the father of many deities and beings. Yamuna Devi is the goddess of the Yamuna River, which is considered sacred in Hinduism. Therefore, it is believed that Surya is her father.
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