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What is the chemical name of LiNO3?

Answer: Lithium nitrate
LiNO3 is the chemical formula for lithium nitrate. It is composed of one lithium ion (Li+) and one nitrate ion (NO3-). The name "lithium nitrate" accurately reflects the composition of the compound, as it contains lithium and nitrate ions. The other options, such as "lithium nitrogen trioxide" and "lithium nitrite," do not accurately represent the composition of LiNO3. Therefore, the correct answer is lithium nitrate.

What is the chemical name of Na2CO3?

Answer: Sodium carbonate
Sodium carbonate is the correct answer because it is the common name for Na2CO3. It is a white, crystalline solid that is commonly used in various industries such as glass manufacturing and water treatment. The other options, disodium carbonate, disodium carbon trioxide, sodium carbon trioxide, and sodium carbonite, are not the correct names for Na2CO3.

What is the chemical name of (NH4)3N?

Answer: Ammonium nitride
The correct answer is ammonium nitride because (NH4)3N is formed by combining the ammonium ion (NH4+) and the nitride ion (N3-). The ammonium ion consists of one nitrogen atom bonded to four hydrogen atoms, while the nitride ion consists of one nitrogen atom with a charge of -3. Therefore, when these two ions combine, they form (NH4)3N, which can be referred to as ammonium nitride.

What is the chemical name of K3P?

Answer: Potassium phosphide
Potassium phosphide is the correct answer because the chemical formula for potassium phosphide is K3P. This compound is formed by the combination of potassium (K) and phosphorous (P). The other options either have incorrect chemical formulas or do not represent the correct combination of elements.

What is the correct formula for Gallium Hydroxide?

Answer: Ga(OH)3
The correct formula for gallium hydroxide is Ga(OH)3. This is because gallium is a metal with a +3 charge, and hydroxide is a polyatomic ion with a -1 charge. To balance the charges, three hydroxide ions are needed for every gallium ion, resulting in the formula Ga(OH)3. The other options, Gl3O, Ga3O2, Gl(OH)2, and Ga(HO)2, do not correctly represent the combination of gallium and hydroxide ions.

What is the chemical formula for strontium chloride?

Answer: SrCl2
The correct formula for strontium chloride is SrCl2. This formula indicates that there is one strontium ion (Sr) and two chloride ions (Cl) in the compound. The subscript "2" after Cl indicates that there are two chloride ions present.

What is the formula for aluminum sulfide?

Answer: Al2S3
The correct formula for aluminum sulfide is Al2S3. This is because aluminum has a +3 charge and sulfur has a -2 charge. In order to balance the charges, two aluminum atoms are needed to combine with three sulfur atoms, resulting in the formula Al2S3.

What is the chemical name of BaO?

Answer: Barium Oxide
BaO is the chemical formula for Barium Oxide. Barium Oxide is a white crystalline solid that is commonly used in the production of ceramics, glass, and other materials. It is also used in the manufacture of certain types of barium compounds, as well as in the production of certain types of catalysts. Barium Oxide is highly reactive and can react with water to form Barium Hydroxide, which is a strong base. It is important to handle Barium Oxide with caution due to its reactivity and potential health hazards.

What is the formula for Mercury(I) oxalate?

Answer: Hg2C2O4
Mercury(I) oxalate, with the formula Hg2C2O4, comprises two mercury(I) ions (Hg+) and one oxalate ion (C2O42-). Forming a white solid, this compound arises from the interaction of mercury(I) cations with oxalate anions. The resulting molecular structure showcases the combination of these elements in a distinctive chemical arrangement.

What is the chemical name of MgHPO4?

Answer: Magnesium hydrogen phosphate
Magnesium hydrogen phosphate, with the chemical formula MgHPO4, is a salt that contains magnesium, hydrogen, phosphorus, and oxygen. It is commonly known as Magnesium hydrogen phosphate. This compound is often encountered in the context of chemistry and biochemistry.
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