Food Chain And Food Web Trivia

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Rabbits eat grass and other plants to survive, but they do not eat animals. What kind of animal are rabbits?

Answer: Herbivores
Rabbits are herbivores because they eat grass and other plants for their survival. This means that their diet consists solely of plant material and they do not consume animals. Herbivores are animals that obtain their energy and nutrients from consuming plant matter, making them dependent on vegetation for their sustenance.

How do decomposers help other organisms in an ecosystem?

Answer: They break down dead organisms and add nutrients back to the soil that plants use.
Decomposers play a crucial role in an ecosystem by breaking down dead organisms. This process releases nutrients back into the soil, which are then absorbed by plants for their growth and development. In this way, decomposers contribute to the nutrient cycle, ensuring that essential elements are recycled and made available to other organisms in the ecosystem. Without decomposers, dead organic matter would accumulate, and the nutrient availability for plants would decrease, ultimately affecting the entire food web.

In what order do a hawk, grass, and rabbit form a food chain in a meadow?

Answer: Grass-->rabbit-->hawk
A food chain represents the flow of energy in an ecosystem. In this case, the correct answer is "grass-->rabbit-->hawk". This is because grass is a producer, meaning it converts sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. The rabbit is a primary consumer, as it feeds on the grass. Finally, the hawk is a secondary consumer, as it preys on the rabbit. This order follows the natural flow of energy from the lowest trophic level (producer) to the highest trophic level (top predator).

What does an omnivore animal eat? 

Answer: Both plants and meat 
The correct answer is: both plants and meat.

Omnivores are animals that can consume and digest both plant and animal matter. They have a more varied diet compared to herbivores (who only eat plants) and carnivores (who only eat meat). Some common examples of omnivores include humans, bears, pigs, raccoons, and crows.

While meat & flesh could technically be included in both plants and meat, the option "all of the above" might be misinterpreted to include things like fungi, bacteria, or inorganic materials, which aren't typical food sources for animals. So, "both plants and meat" is the most precise and concise answer.

A habitat is a place where __________.  

Answer: An organism lives. 
A habitat is a place where an organism lives. This means that it provides the necessary resources and conditions for the survival and reproduction of a particular organism. It includes factors such as food, water, shelter, and suitable environmental conditions. A habitat can vary in size and can be as small as a leaf or as large as a forest, depending on the needs of the organism. Therefore, the correct answer is "an organism lives."
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