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Would You Rather? Quiz Questions - Quiz

This quiz is JUST for fun to help whittle away the time waiting for the election results to come in Tuesday night.

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  • 1. 
    Would you rather roll down the hill in a chemical toilet that 237 e Coli infected people just used or would you rather have this election go on for one more week?
    • A. 

      Election one more week

    • B. 

      Roll with the chemical toilet

  • 2. 
    Would you rather lick out the curdled remains of a milk carton discovered in the back of your  refrigerator 2 years after expiration or vote for John McCain?
    • A. 

      Lick out the milk carton

    • B. 

      Vote for John McCain

  • 3. 
    Would you rather strip off the gum under 157 middle school classroom desks and then chew said gum for two days or vote for Barack Obama?
    • A. 

      Scrape and chew the gum

    • B. 

      Vote for Barack Obama

  • 4. 
    Would you rather sit in a room for 120 hours only listening to Rush Limbaugh or watching Fox and Friends OR would you rather be left in a room with George W Bush and not allowed to leave until you could recite 25 good things he has done for his country?
    • A. 

      Room listening to Rush and Fox

    • B. 

      Room with W listing his accomplishments

  • 5. 
    Would you rather the Republican party was led by the Christian right (wrong) OR would you rather the Democratic party was led by the NRA?
    • A. 

      Christian Wrong

    • B. 


  • 6. 
    Would you rather your favorite Broadway/Hollywood musicals/movies were never created or would you rather vote for equal rights for all in California (No on 8)?
    • A. 

      No musicals ever created

    • B. 

      Vote for equal rights for all in California

  • 7. 
    Would you rather elect John McCain and Sarah Palin to be sure The Daily Show has material or would you rather see the Daily Show lose its stature and sarcastic bite?
    • A. 

      Elect McCain/Palin

    • B. 

      Daily Show lose its edge

  • 8. 
    Would you rather a president who "pals around" with questionable characters or a president who cheated on his first wife after she was maimed in an accident?
    • A. 

      Pals around president

    • B. 

      Cheatin' president

  • 9. 
    • A. 

      Rather vote against Republicans

    • B. 

      Rather no more kittens in the world

  • 10. 
    Would you rather Joe the Plumber runs for office in 2010 or would you rather Sarah Palin return in 2012?
    • A. 

      Joe the plumber

    • B. 

      Sarah 2012

  • 11. 
    Would you rather have lunch with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC or would you rather have lunch with Stephen Colbert of the Corbett Report?
    • A. 


    • B. 


  • 12. 
    Would you rather Polar bears continue to drown from the shrinkage of polar ice or would you rather Sarah Palin return to Alaska to hunt wolves from helicopters?
    • A. 

      Sorry Polar bears

    • B. 

      Sorry wolves

  • 13. 
    Would you rather eat a moose burger or a cow pie? (Can you tell I teach middle school boys?!)
    • A. 

      Moose burger

    • B. 

      Cow pie

  • 14. 
    Would you rather vote for John McCain if he had made a responsible VP choice or would you rather Hillary Clinton was the Democrats candidate for president?
    • A. 

      McCain-responsible ticket

    • B. 

      Hillary 08

  • 15. 
    Would you rather answer 20 more of this inane questions or would you rather eat chocolate covered crickets dipped in roadkill pate?
    • A. 

      More questions!!!

    • B. 


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