Who Would You Get Along With In Hetalia?

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Who Would You Get Along With In Hetalia? - Quiz


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You are fierce and sassy, not afraid of a fight! Despite that you're a good person at heart. Everyone admires your spirit!Boyfriend: PrussiaFriends: Hungary, RomanoItaly: Ve, she can be kinda scary sometimes, but she's usually nice to me!Germany: She is a strong person. She reminds me of my bruder... He really likes her.Japan: She is a bit too roud for me. She doesn't know when to keep her opinion to herserf.America: Man, I like -----! She's got some serious spirit! She can be kinda scary though!England: Well... She is very opinionated, which I appreciate, but we disagree often.France:' Onhonhon... she is gorgeous, but when I approach her, she punches me.China: Young people these days! She has no sense of respect, but her opinions are valid.Russia: Hm... She puts up a fight... She asked me to become one with her!Canada: S-she's kind of intimidating, but she's really pretty, and kind at heart.Romano: I... I don't-a like her! Ok, we're friends-a! Nothing else!Spain: I think Romano has a crush on her! I like her spirit.Austria: She doesn't understand how to be polite, although she reminds me of Hungary.Hungary: -------- is a great friend! She will always stand up for me or other people that need it!Prussia: -------- is the best girlfriend ever! She's almost as awesome as me! We fight a lot, but it usually ends with her slapping me and swearing affectionately.Switzerland: She and her group of friends are always running through my yard and scaring Liechtenstein!Liechtenstein: I think she's a kind person, but big brother doesn't like her. She scares me sometimes.Lithuania: *blushes* S-she's really pretty... She stands up for me.


You are shy, sweet, and kind! You get along well with almost everybody.Boyfriend: CanadaFriends: Liechtenstein, England, Lithuania, SpainItaly: Ve, she is nice! She always likes to make pasta with me, and she's very sweet to everybody!Germany: ------- is very sveet. She gets along vell vith everybody.Japan: I rike ------. She understands me quite werr. She rikes to read manga with me.America: She's really sweet, but she's so quiet! I never know what she's thinking!England: She's very timid... We get along, but I think she's a little scared of me. France is always going after her, so I keep him away.France: Onhonhon... If only England didn't guard her the way he does...China: I like her, she appreciates me and she likes my cooking.Russia: She will become one with me soon, da?Canada: I'm so lucky to have her as my girlfriend! She can see me, and she talks to me. She's scared of America too, but she stands up for me!Romano: She's too shy. She doesn't speak her mind.Spain: She's nice! She helps me when I screw things up.Austria: She appreciates the value of silence.Hungary: She's very nice, but she's so quiet! I want to teach her to speak her mind.Prussia: she's too quiet. It's not awesome.Switzerland: She's okay. Liechtenstein likes her a lot.Liechtenstein: ---------- is a good friend to me! She's quiet, but she's very kind. Lithuania: -------- is my friend, she understands me really well!


You are happy and fun-loving! Some might think you're a little too much, but you can brighten anybody's day!Boyfriend: AmericaFriends: Italy, SpainItaly: Ve, -------- is like me! She loves to have fun and eat pasta!Germany: She's okay... She alvays helps Italy get out of training, though.Japan: She is too roud. She reminds me of Itary.America: Dude, ---------- is a great girlfriend! She's game for whatever stunt I want to try next, and she loves partying and eating hamburgers at 3 AM!England: Just another America... She hates my food.France: oh, America's girlfriend? I hear she's hotChina: She is too loud and crazy! She was up the other night at 3AM eating hamburgers with America!Russia: She say she like sunflowers.Canada: Well, she doesn't mistake me for America, but she's so much more outgoing than I am.Romano: she is-a just like my brother!Spain: -------- is great! She's pretty much the opposite of Romano, if you know what I mean. (Romano glares at him)Austria: She spends all her money on useless things, like... food.Hungary: She reminds me a bit of Italy! She can be fun.Prussia: I haven't met her, but I hear she's the life of the party. Austria said she was up at 3AM eating hamburgers with America...Switzerland: See AustriaLiechtenstein: She's fine... Big brother doesn't like her.Lithuania: Who?


You are quiet, hard-working, and determined! The others can always count on you to get the job done.Boyfriend: GermanyFriends: China, SwitzerlandItaly: Germany's girlfriend? She's pretty nice, but she should have more fun! She is a lot like Germany!Germany: Vell... she is very hard-vorking and caring... *blushes* *mumbles* I really like her...Japan: She is okay.America: She's so serious! But she works so hard on everything it almost makes me feel bad for slacking off! (Emphasis on almost)England: She's fine... I don't know why she's with Germany, though.France: No fun.China: She good person. She work hard on everything and like to cook sometimes.Russia: Maybe she will become one with me?Canada: She notices me sometimes...Romano: Hm. Well, at least-a she's with that bastard Germany and-a my brother is not.Spain: Sure, I like her. Austria: She understands that practice makes perfect, somethings I have been trying to teach the world...Hungary: She's very serious, but I like her! She never gives up.Prussia: My bruder is too young to be dating... although, they're a perfect coupleSwitzerland: I like her very much. She is a hard worker and would never run through my yard. Also, she can fire a gun.Liechtenstein: She's so serious, but she is a good person!Lithuania: I haven't met her, but she seems like a strong person. 


You're smart, witty, and polite! You have a good sense of humor, but you know when to hide it. Boyfriend: EnglandFriends: Japan, Canada, AustriaItaly: Ve, I like her, but she can be confusing with her long words!Germany: She seems decent and vell-educated... I don't know vhy she vould be dating someone like England...Japan: I rike --------- very much... She is very porite, and knows how to read the atmosphere.America: Well, she's smarter than I am! She's usually really polite, but she can swear like Iggy when she's pissed!England:  S-she's a great girlfriend. She's very smart, and polite, and she likes my food... *blushes* I don't know what I did to deserve her.France: Onhonhon... I will pester England about her...China: She seem well-educated enough.Russia: She is usually nice to me.Canada: I like her! She's smart, and she can spare time to talk to me.Romano: She is-a boring.Spain: She's okay.Austria: She is very well-educated and she appreciates music.Hungary: She seems polite.Prussia: England's girlfriend?Switzerland: She seems polite enough...Liechtenstein: I think she's a nice person!Lithuania: I like her *blushes*
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  • 1. 
    Hello! Welcome to my Hetalia quiz.
    • A. 

      Hi :) I'm ready.

    • B. 

      Hello. Let's get started.

    • C. 

      Hello there. I'm ready.

    • D. 

      Hi! Let's do this thing! :D

    • E. 

      Hello! Let's go.

  • 2. 
    I'm not afraid to ask you this question! What's your favorite color?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


    • E. 


    • F. 


    • G. 


    • H. 


    • I. 


  • 3. 
    It's about eleven at night, you're walking home alone in a dark alley when someone grabs your arms from behind. You...
    • A. 

      Twist your arms so they have to let go.

    • B. 

      Kick them and pull yourself free, before turning around to fight them.

    • C. 

      Yank yourself free, then turn around, you'll fight if you need to.

    • D. 

      Curl up tight, so they're supporting all your weight.

    • E. 

      Wonder if it's a friend playing a trick on you, and turn your head to see who it is.

  • 4. 
    It turns out it was actually England. He thought you were France, on his way to a party. He apologizes, embarrassed, and asks you if you want to come to the party. You respond,
    • A. 

      How dare you scare me like that, you bastard!... Fine, I'll come to your party!

    • B. 

      W-well... Okay, I'll come... You scared me, that's all.

    • C. 

      Sure, I'd love to go to the party!

    • D. 

      I don't know if I should, but I'll come.

    • E. 

      Oh! Well... *blushes* Yes, I will go.

  • 5. 
    You reach the party and pause at the entrance. There's food, and music, and drinks, and dancing. America's calling for England, so he apologizes and leaves. What are you most likely to do now?
    • A. 

      Join Germany, who's alone and cleaning up the beer spilled all over the counter.

    • B. 

      Join Canada and Liechtenstein, chatting in the corner.

    • C. 

      Join Prussia and Hungary, who are sitting at the bar yelling at each other.

    • D. 

      Follow England, who has declined America's offer to dance, and ask him if you can get him something.

    • E. 

      Join America, Italy, and some others, who are having a dance-off.

  • 6. 
    What kind of a superhero are you?
    • A. 

      Option 1

    • B. 

      Option 2

    • C. 

      Option 3

    • D. 

      Option 4

    • E. 

      Option 5

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