Who Is Your Harry Potter Boy? Long Results

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Who Is Your Harry Potter Boy? Long Results - Quiz

I was tired of taking quizzes that were unrealistic im sorry but draco wouldnt have a bed of roses and a love poem and you would trip into rons arms and be rescued from voldemort by harry so here are some HOT RESULTS

You May Get

Draco Molfoy yummmmmmy

your harry potter boy is the hot and dark draco molfoy! He's good at heart but is forced by his father to be a death eaterHow it happened:you were a transfer in your 4th year and you knew the griffidor trio from the tri wizard cup and talked to them on the train to hogwarts. Harry saw Molfoy drooling when you got on the train and gave you an idea. They needed a spy on slytherin to keep an eye on draco to see if he was a death eater. the only way for them to find out if they had someone on the inside, so you had to become draco's girl and not just a girl but they girl! you all devised a plan to get you on syltherin and than you could get back to griffidor. As soon as you were sorted into syltherin molfoy was looking at you as if you were prey. You were going down to the dungeons and heard footsteps behind you all of a sudden ron and harry were coming from potions and pulled you over saying that molfoy was walking after me, "Shouldnt i let him catch up to me? "No he'll just throw you against the wall and drag you into a broom closet and youll be just a girl" "So i should be hard to get than?" "yes" you continued walking when you turned the corner and there was draco he thrust you against the wall before he could snog you. you said "I dont know you, you dont know me" and you walked away he was left standing in amazement. He starred at you for weeks and all you had was small talk you hadnt been able to spy becausse he didnt trust you yet. After a while you became "friends" when he asked you to the yule ball you thought this was a good way to get closer and you said yes. he had a dress for you. The day of the ball you got ready you wore your hair curly in a loose bun and had long black earring he had a black strapless dress that went to the toes and had a slit up between the knee and waist. you were amazing looking and when he say you you became they girl. you never made it to the ball because he couldnt keep his hands off you and you couldnt get your hands off him so you hurried into a empty class room and he shoved you on a table where you were in bliss for hours. draco truley fell for you and the same thing with you to him you told the trio that you liked him and couldnt spy on him. You to were the most physical and hot couple at hogwarts, haha you made his mind spin. The last year he proposed at his mansion were you said yes with hours in the bed room and i mean loyd hours. it was a silver band with one big diamond that looked cold if you touched it. you moved into his house where you had the hottest marriage ever.

ron ron the snogging red head

ron the hunky red headhow it happened:maybe red hair and freckles isnt your type but a friendly warm hunk is.you were in a compartment on the express to hogwarts right across from ron's when you turned away from your conversation ron was always starring at u. You knew his family from a long time and never really looked at him until now. not thinking much of it you continued through your first day back of your 5th year, you are on griffidor. You had just had an intense game of quidditich against slytherin and had been victorious afterwards in the locker rooms you and ron  were left since you had to help clean up. you had been awarded the snitch and ron was joking with you and holding it out of your reach. you were laughing and tried jumping for it you chased him around the lockers until you both tripped and well you know landed in a postion that he liked there was an awkward laugh than you looked at each other. and yes he kissed you and blushed and you pulled him right back and you two rolled around the locker room for hours hahah. the yule ball was coming up and you guys were all intense and you obviously said yes. You wore a black sleeved dress that hugged your body and he stood starring at you "r u just going to look at me or r we going to dance?" u asked "i dont mind just looking at you" you laughed and never made it down to the ball. you got  engaged during your last year and said yes with a old times sake romp around the locker room hehe.
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Rp! (role play)you r taking a shower when the door opens in steps a very hot boy
    • A. 

      Is he your bf

    • B. 

      Is he just a guy who wants you

    • C. 

      Is he one of your friends that apparently has a thing for u

  • 2. 
    Which cocktail dress do u like1.2.  the one above3.
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


  • 3. 
    What would you rather be doing
    • A. 

      Running outside playing a sport

    • B. 


    • C. 

      Kissing and walking around a moon light lake


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