Which Jo Bro Likes You?

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| By Jessicalovesthej
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Which Jo Bro Likes You? - Quiz

Your parnets are on a trip and left you with a friend. You dont know that that friend is the jonas brothers! what will happen? ? ? Also, can you quys who take my quiz, qive me some ideas? Please

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Your mom was driving to her friends house with you. "how long will you be gone" you say looking out the window " i dont know ________ i really dont" your mom says,

    • A.

      Dont leave me!!!! (me- you'll be fine) says you

    • B.

      *starts thinking about food* (me-oook?)

    • C.

      No parnets???? yaaaaaay!!! (me- calm down)

  • 2. 

    Your mom stops in front of a three- storie house. "we're hear" your mom says. you look out and see the one and only JONAS BROTHERS!!! "omg omg omg" you say getting out. but you almost fell, "bye have fun" your mom says then speeds  off

    • A.

      Whoa mom. dont kill anybody. (me- tell me about it) why should i? (me- cause i said so) ok

    • B.

      OMG I'M WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS!!(me- yes, i've read)

  • 3. 

    Joe walks up to you and looks in your eyes and gives you a hug.

    • A.

      Aww. he huged me :)

    • B.

      Hiya joey

    • C.

      *gives joe a hug back*

  • 4. 

    "you need some help?" joe says "yeah a little" you say bushing. FF joe walked in your room "______, its time to eat" he tells you "ok i'm coming. thanks for helping me with my bags earlyer" you say "your welcome"

    • A.

      *bush* joe talked to me (me- yes, now go eat) lol

    • B.

      What are we eating? (me-you'll find out soon) ok

  • 5. 

    You guys have lobster dipped in butter. after you finshed eating you went to your room and fell asleep. You hear kevin snore. you look around and see that everyone went to bed

    • A.

      I dont like lobster (me- in hear you do) fine

    • B.


    • C.

      Wow kevin snores?(me-i dont know) oh

  • 6. 

    Please comment on what should happen next. i need some ideas

    • A.

      Ok. i will do (me- thanks) your welcome

    • B.

      I'll try

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