What's Your Naruto Life(Girls Only)

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Whats Your Naruto Life(Girls Only) - Quiz

This is my 2nd quiz, so please dont be critical. The results available are all oc's i created. Sorry no pics. The results will have descriptions of your looks, personality, rep, bf, bff, enemies, powers and what they think of you. Enjoy!

You May Get

You're Ryuumi

Name:Ryuumi KazunagiLooks: You have medium length light brown hair, you're eyes are silver, you're slender in build, in battle you wear a midnight blue short kimono with a silver dragon pattern and for casual wear, you have a light blue sleeveless shirt with a single silver line across the front and tan shorts.Age: 17Village: Currently Sand, originally in-between villages.Abilities: You have the ablility to transform into a dragon! When calm the color of the dragon you turn into is silver and when upset or angry, black.Past: When you were about eleven, your small clan(who refused to join the akatsuki);your parents, younger brother and grandparents, were killed by the Akatsuki. You were the only one who escaped alive. You used your powers to fly to safety, you were scared, distraught and wanted revenge. You spent the next few years hiding and running from the Akatsuki, making sure they didn't know of your existence until you were powerful enough to take them on.Bff:Tenten, and TemariBf:GaaraHow you met:You eventually came to the leaf village where you became a ninja, where you made a few good friends. You blasted through the genin exams and when the chuunin exams came you were easily defeating everyone. Until you met someone. A red-haired boy who had an odd gourd on his back from the Sand village, known as Gaara. When it was your turn to fight him you looked into his eyes and saw the same pain that you felt. Th clock begin to run down and the battle comenced. The boy used sand that flowed from his gourd to try to create a sand coffin around you. You quickly jumped out of the sand's way and ran at Gaara. He tryed again and again to trap you, but you were too fast. You dodged the sand, threw kunais at him and pinned him to a tree. You then held a kunai to his neck so he couldn't escape. The timer went off and you were the winner. You were now offically a chuunin. The boy seemed intrigued by your skills as you left victoriously. Later that day as you were walking you saw Gaara sitting on a bench crying. "Why are you crying?" You asked as you walked over to him. "Why.. aren't you afraid of me?" He asked you. "Why should i be?" You replied. "Everyone thinks I'm a monster. And.. maybe they're right." He said. "No. They're wrong about you, i mean you're a great fighter and.. I don't think you're a monster at all." You said looking into his sea foam green eyes. "You.. don't?" He said as he looked back into you're eyes. "Nope. Do you have any friends?" You asked. Gaara shook his head sadly. "Well then, I'll be your friend Gaara." You said cheerfully. "Come on. Let's have some fun." You said as you pulled Gaara off the bench. Ever since you've been best friends. And when you turned 16 he asked you to be his girlfriend. Of course you excepted. When Gaara became Kazekage you were overjoyed for him, but you lived in the leaf, so you couldn't see him very often. You were upset, it seemed as if a piece of you was missing. Lady Tsunade saw this and made a descision. She decided to transfer you to the Sand village so you could be happy. You were estatic when she told you. You were a little sad to leave your friends but you could still visit them. So you packed your things and traveld to the Sand village. But when you got there you discovered that Gaara had been kidnapped by the akatsuki member, Deidara. You were immensly sad and furious. The Akatsuki had just taken another person you cared about, and this time you were going to get revenge. You searched and searched for Gaara and his assailents but they were no where to be found. When Naruto came to the village with Gaara you were etremely relieved and happy. You ran to Gaara, and when he saw you he embraced you in a hug. You thanked Naruto for bringing him back, then Gaara looked in your eyes and kissed you. You now live happily in the Sand village with Gaara. But you're still searching for Deidara and the Akatsuki.What the other think of you:Naruto: She can be quiet a lot, but once you start a conversation with her she's great!Sakura: She's really nice, but she can be a little like Hinata sometimes.Sasuke:(Doesn't care.)Tenten: She's my best friend. She visits a lot and we have a blast when we train together!Lee: Very youthful!(Me:Seriously is that all he cares about.)Ino: She's really smart, i mean like Shikamaru smart.Shikamaru: ..She's cool.Asuma:(Me:Sorry he's dead. Curse you Hidan!!!) Kakashi: Great kunoichi.Temari: She's great for Gaara and really nice too!Gaara: ..I..love.. her.(Me:Awww.)Kiba: She's cool, and Akamaru likes her.Hinata:..We're great..friends.Shino: She doesn't like bugs.(Me:Basically he doesn't like you.)Sai:Oh, her. She's very..what's the word..uh, skilled.Akatsuki:Itachi: Very powerful, our leader wants her to join, but i don't know if she'll cooperate.Kisame: (Doesn't know you)Deidara: She hates my guts and i don't know why.(Me:You kidnapped her boyfriend) Oh yeah, that's why, hn. I swear she's after me, hm.Pein: Thought she was killed. Well then we'll have to make her join us.Konan:Who?Hidan: *Sighs* Our leader wants us to kidnap her.(Me:Are you sure you want to do that? She's very strong.) Really? Then this should be fun. I'll show her the true meaning of pain if she doesn't cooperate.*Insane psycho laugh*Kakazu: Shut up Hidan. This one's going to be trouble, and you need to be careful. Remember what happened last time i told you to be careful?*Hidan shuts up* 

You're Meira

Name: Meira OkamiLooks: You have long black hair with a flower in it, green eyes, and wear a red long sleeved shirt and brownish-tan jeans.Bff: Kiba, Hinata.Rank: ChuuninAge:15Village: LeafAbilities: You are kind of like Kiba and have a large animal companion, only it's a large black wolf named Mizumi. You and Mizumi help each other in battle and are great friends.Bf: (Me: Who do you think.) KibaPast:You lived a seemingly normal life as a ninja. You went to the leaf acadamy, became a chuunin, made friends, and had a boyfriend.How you met:You wee walking through the woods with Mizumi, when a big white dog came out from the bushes. Mizumi at first growled at this dog, but you told her things were okay. The white dog ran over to Mizumi and they started sniffing each other. And even started to play with each other. Then you heard a voice,"Akamaru! Akamaru where are you." Then a tall brown-haired boy with red marks on his cheeks came running out. "There you are Akamaru." He said panting. "Is this your dog." You asked him. "Yes. Is he bothering you?" He asked. "No. I think Akamaru and Mizumi are getting along just fine." You said watching Akamaru and Mizumi continue playing. "Well, I'm Kiba, and you're.." "Meira." You replied. "Meira. That's a pretty name." Hearing his compliment made you blush. "You, uh..wnat to go out some time." Kiba stuttered. "Sure." You said. You two have been inseperable ever since.What they think of you:Naruto: She's so much fun! And nice too.Sakura: She's kind of like a smarter and prettier version of Kiba. Kakashi: Very good student.Kiba: I love her. She loves animals, i love animals, it's a perfect match! Oh, and Akamaru get's alomg great with Mizumi.Hinata: She's..my..best friend.Shino: She cares about bugs. She's nice.Kurenai: I'm very proud to have had her in my team.Ino: She's..nice.Shikamaru: Very..uh..kind. cool i guess.Tenten: Really fun to hang with.*The Akatsuki don't know you* 
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What's your fav color
    • A. 

      Red and black

    • B. 

      Blue and black

    • C. 


    • D. 


  • 2. 
    Are you good or evil?
    • A. 


    • B. 

      Evil, well kinda

    • C. 

      Good all the way baby!

  • 3. 
    What's your favorite song out of these?
    • A. 

      Behind these hazel eyes/Kelly Clarkson, Bring me to life/Evanescence

    • B. 

      On the floor/Jay-lo, Who let the dogs out/Baha men

    • C. 

      Numb/Linkin' Park, Blow/Ke$ha

  • 4. 
    What's his personality like?
    • A. 

      Caring, misunderstood, protective

    • B. 

      Fun, Funny, animal lover

    • C. 

      Kinda evil, likes explosions, stubborn

  • 5. 
    What would you do if the Akatsuki asked you to join them?
    • A. 

      Say,"Never!" turn into a dragon and kill them!

    • B. 

      Refuse then fight along side your wolf and attack them

    • C. 

      Maybe yes, maybe no as long as I'm with my bf.

  • 6. 
    What's your favorite animal?
    • A. 

      Birds, cats

    • B. 

      Eagle, Dragon, mythalogical creatures

    • C. 

      Dogs, Wolves, and every other animal

  • 7. 
    Okay how did i do for my 2nd quiz please rate thank you very much.
    • A. 

      Not bad. Hn.

    • B. 


    • C. 


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