Whats The Missing Lyric?

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  • 1. 
    one time by: j-bieber <3 when i met you girl my         went knock knock!!
  • 2. 
    california gurls by: katy perry i know a place where the        is really greener.
  • 3. 
    im sexy and i know it by: lmfao i got passion in my pants and im      afraid to show it show it show it...im sexy and i know it!!
  • 4. 
    what makes you beautiful by: one direction <3 baby you light up my world like nobody else  the way that you      your hair gets me overwhelmed
  • 5. 
    only girl in the world by: ???? idk how to spell her name..srry Want you to make me feel like      the only girl in the world!!

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