What Will Your Future Job Be

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This quiz is designed to tell you what your future job will be. Your results will be published at the end of the quiz. So please enjoy the quiz and anwser the questions truthfully!

You May Get

garbage man or lady

                                         GARBAGE MAN/LADYyour dream job is to pick up litter all day long in busy centres. This job  isnt for me but it is obviosly your ideal job. So have fun on the street cleaning out bins and picking up other peoples rubbish. At least your helping the world!


                                          TEACHERyour ideal job is to work in a classroom and talk to kids all day long. writting on the whiteboard and giving out paper for 7 hours a day at least at least you know you will  have a good edjucation you could go far you never know!


                                                 DOCTOR so a doctor you want to stick needles in people for a living? well okay, you will have a good edjucation and you will know what to do if your family gets ill! but there is a lot of responsability! you will have to look after your patients they will rely on you for everything! so get practising testing peoples blood preasure the earlier you start the better!


                                             WAITRESS/WAITORyour ideal job  is to wait on people all day long. whether it is in a nightclub a bar or a simple cafe you want to give out food and drink to people. you wont need a lot of qualifications for this but you will need to memorise the specials and always be polite!


                                                ACTOR/ACTRESSso you wont to pretend to be someone your not! okay your choice you will have to have a good memorie to remember exactly what you have to do when you have to do it aswelll as your lines! It isnt gonna be easy but if you stick at it you will do well good choice!


                                                MUSICIANyou want to play music, okay then you will have to choose what instrument you want to play then you will have to learn how to play it then you need to learn to play songs on it! theres a lot to do so start as soon as you can and if you dont focous on your music you wont learn but dont concentrate to hard or youll never get it give yourself breaks and rewards when you learn a note or a song!


                                    POLICEMAN/POLICELADY so you want to arrest people for fun? okay then you will have to be careful you never know how dangerous some crimminals can be to other people and there self! you will be doing a good thing and helping a lot of people so get sighned up and do all you can peoples lives depend on you!
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    When you see liter on the street do you ...........................
    • A. 

      Leave it there someone else will pick it up sooner or later your to busy practising for your play

    • B. 

      Pick it up and place it in the bin straight away

    • C. 

      Realise that someone wasnt doing right by leaving it there so you put it in the bin

  • 2. 
    When you are in your classroom and the teacher is talking do you ...............
    • A. 

      Give your full attention

    • B. 

      Shout the anwser to the question as loudly as you can to show off

    • C. 

      Or stare out the window and day dream about a packet of crisp on the floor

  • 3. 
    When you go to your local doctors do you
    • A. 

      Ignore what he says completely you have a song stuck in your head

    • B. 

      Go in but ask the doctor if he can show some of his tools

    • C. 

      Wacth the doctor do everything and memorise it

  • 4. 
    When your in a resteraunt so you ...................
    • A. 

      Compliment the waitor/waitress on how she delivers the food

    • B. 

      Tells her or him to go away while you eat you dont wont to spill food on the floor

    • C. 

      Ignore her and start eating but realises that wasnt nice and puts a genourous tip in the pot

  • 5. 
    When you go to see a play or wacth a movie do you ............
    • A. 

      Wacth it all and enjoys it but then forgets everything that happened

    • B. 

      Compliments on everything and never forgets any part of the play/movie

    • C. 

      Falls asleep you could be helping people but instead your stuck there

  • 6. 
    When you here someone else playing a musical instrument on the street do you ................
    • A. 

      Ignore them and walk pastcyou are daydreaming of a movie you seen the other day

    • B. 

      Listen to 1 song and walk off, you enjoyed it but had to many things to do

    • C. 

      Listen to there music for a while and give them some money

  • 7. 
    If you see someone doing something naughty on the streets do you ........................
    • A. 

      Run away you dont wont to get involved you neeed your fingers to play your guitar!!!!

    • B. 

      Go straight up to them and with all your courage tell them there in the wrong

    • C. 

      Ring the police immidently and wacth all the action

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