What Kind Of Boyfriend Are You?

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What Kind Of Boyfriend Are You? - Quiz

Test to see if you are a good boyfriend.

You May Get

You are an awesome boyfriend, keep up the good work.

you dont need anymore training, you know what girls like and you are just it!

You could use some work, but you're trying and thats good.

you could use some work, you're a little rusty. keep at it, you'll find out what makes your girl smile even bigger everday. :D

Dude, you need some serious help!

if you wanna keep your girl, you need some serious work. why dont you try to listening to her, you can learn alot from eachother. LISTEN!!! and REMEMBER!!!

You have no right to even look at the opposite sex!!

you should be alone in this world, you dont get and i doubt you ever will.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    It's your girls birthday, shes told you all week how excited she i for what you have planned for her. What do you end up doing for her on her birthday?
    • A. 

      You take her out to her favorite resturaunt, buy her flowers and then at the very end pull out a box wrapped in pretty pink paper and inside theres a stuffed teddy bear and a box of chocolates.

    • B. 

      You buy her a teddy bear and say happy birthday when she wakes up, later you go see a movie you chose.

    • C. 

      You go to the drive in but you were a little late getting there, so the movies already starting, and you forgot to buy her a girft.

    • D. 

      You wake up late, at about 2 oclock, get some breakfast, walk right by her in the living room and say "hey whats up baby" then later that day she confronts you about it and you say "what i thought your bday was next weekend"

  • 2. 
    Your girlfriend asked you to come to dinner with her and her family tomorrow night, you dont have any plans and you say....
    • A. 

      "Oh ya, ive been wanting to meet them. i'll go for sure. do i need to bring anything?" -you show up on time or only a few minutes late.

    • B. 

      "Sure thing babe." - but you show up an hour late.

    • C. 

      "yayaya...i'll go. Can we talk about it later though, im watching the game" - You finally remember after your girlfriend calls you and asks where the hell you are.

    • D. 

      Actually no, i got this thing. i cant miss it. (there is no "thing")

  • 3. 
    Your girlfriend came to your skateboarding tournament last friday, and in return you told her you would go to help her set up for the big play shes gonna be in at the college. she left 2 things at the house she always needs with her and she asks you to pick them up on your way there...what do you bring?
    • A. 

      A hair tye and her cell phone. Duh, its obvious what shes talking about.

    • B. 

      Her cell and...she was probably mistaken when she said 2 things cuz theres nothing else she needs.

    • C. 

      A hair tye and cell.....i think.

    • D. 

      You show up with absolutely nothing, cuz you have no idea what she needs and besides you lost her at " can you bring me....."

  • 4. 
    Its your girlfriends graduating day and you've decided to be a nice guy and get her a gift you know she'll love, you get her.....
    • A. 

      A stuffed yellow ducky and a red rose, cuz you know thats her favorite animal and her favorite flower.

    • B. 

      A white rose cuz thats her favorite flower.

    • C. 

      A box of candy. but you cant remember if shes a allergic to peanuts or not so... oh well. i guess it works.

    • D. 

      Nothing! ive given her plenty of rides to classes and helped her study. she should be getting me a gift!

  • 5. 
    You've been with your girlfriend for 1 year now, and its your anniversary tomorrow! You guys love eachother very much and plan on being together for a long time. what do you do to make her smile bigger then she has in this past 12 months?
    • A. 

      Ask her to move in with you, you already have the place picked out and everything. :D

    • B. 

      Go on an awesome date, to somewhere you both love and can have a great time together. The moving in together thing is something you may be thinking about but not for a while.

    • C. 

      Buy her a gift and a flower.

    • D. 

      Why do i have to get her anything? ive been giving her all of this for the past year. my sexy ass i mean! shes just lucky shes hott or we'd be so over by now anyways.

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