What Court Card Are You?

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What Court Card Are You? - Quiz

In tarot there are 17 cards that represent a certain person, these cards are called are called "court cards". Take this quiz to help you find the name of the card that you match well with!

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Queen of Wands

    This Queen is energetic, creative, dramatic, faithful, and warm. She lives a busy life and seems to accomplish everything with style. She is outgoing and has a natural interest in people. New activities and challenges delight her. she's not afraid to try anything. Her wonderful characteristics benefit those around her and she can be a transforming force in the lives of others. She is a natural leader and loves to plan and organize events.   If reversed, this can represent someone given to melodrama, or someone who can be very bossy or controlling.

Queen of Cups

       This Queen likes to make a pleasant place for people to gather and wants everyone to be comfortable and happy. She is very sensitive to others' feelings and often knows when something is wrong before they do. She usually knows what can help the problem, too. She can be quiet and shy , but once engaged in a conversation she is a good and caring listener. She is kind, gentle, and nurturing. As a lover of the arts, although perhaps not an artist herself, she encourages the skills and talents of others. Her psychic ability's can be very strong. She can be moody, Depressed, or overly introverted.   If reversed, this card represents someone who can be controlled by her emotions, and become obsessive or manipulative. She may play the victim a little to readily.

Queen of Swords

    This Queen knows a lot, from personal experience, from extensive reading, as well as from observing life around her. She can, if she wishes, chat with anyone about almost anything. She can fit comfortably in almost any situation. She can see the big picture surrounding a problem and tactfully but forthrightly give a solution. She loves to help and share what she knows. She enjoys intellectually stimulating pursuits and makes a good, loyal, and interesting friend. However, she can appear to lack affection or emotional warmth; some find her intimidating and unapproachable.   If reversed, this Queen is cold, judgmental, and harsh. While extremely smart, her gifts are tarnished by pain and bitterness; she tends to use her knowledge and her tongue to cause unnecessary pain.

Queen of Pentacles

   This Queen is very down-to-earth. Something bothering you? she'll offer fresh-baked cookies or a pot of soup. She loves to garden, cook, bake, sew do-it-yourself projects or anything that can make her environment more beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. And she is very good at everything she does. She loves to make plans and lists, and loves even more to cross things off those lists. She is practical and efficient. She can run the perfect household or a successful business with equal grace. While she enjoys external recognition, she gets even more satisfaction through accomplishing her projects. She can become to o focused on the material world. For example, in trying to create the perfect birthday party, she may neglect the little birthday girl who wants to help   If reversed, This is a Queen who may sacrifice her own joy and other people's feelings in favor of practicality. She may try to meet emotional needs with material items. Her dedication to her lists and time-line make her rigid and unable to respond with flexibility to the needs of others or perhaps even to her own needs.

King of Wands

This King is passionate and he leads with confidence and energy. His natural charisma and sense of fun motivate all who follow him . He somehow convince his that they accomplish anything and they love him for giving them that feeling he is not one to go with the flow. Instead he sets his own goals and makes his own way toward them. He can charm almost anyone into doing almost anything.If reversed, This can can represent a demanding and impatient tyrant. He can be someone who pouts and becomes jealous when he is no the focus of attention. He can also have anger issues.

King of Cups

     This King is peaceful, sensitive, affectionate and calm. He loves his home and values family and a relaxed home life. He prefers to lead by teaching through gentle guidance. He may enjoy expressing himself creatively, but is even more supportive of others' creativity, sometimes at the expensive of his own. He is generally friendly and caring, a nice man to have around. He can be overly sentimental and may seem soft to those who don't know him well    If reversed, this King can mistreat his family members in the name of love or deny problems or issues rather than address them. He may be prone to over-indulging his habits, good or bad.

King of Swords

    This King leads by intellectual ideals. He uses intelligence, objectivity, and analysis to decide what is right, fair, and just. these are the ideals he upholds for himself and for those around him. He leads by example. His standards are very high; he expects a lot of those around him. He has no Patience for anyone who doesn't do their best for who doesn't share the same ideals. He can lack compassion for what he may perceive as weakness and is intolerant of uncontrolled emotional outbursts.   If reversed, this King may use his impressive abilities to further his own agenda with no respect for ethics, standards, or ideals. He can be ridiculous judgmental and hold people in contempt if they don't behave or think as he deems appropriate or right.

King of Pentacles

This king is practical, hard working, and steady. He is ruled by common sense and practicality. He loves the simple comforts of home and family. He can be a very social and welcoming host, inviting anyone who enters his home to share a meal. Although he enjoys the company of others, he is very self contained and likes to rely on no one but himself. He is generous with his money and resources but never stupidly so. he is reliable and will always keep his word. He can seem to lack affection and is not one to share his feelings, even to those closest to him.If reversed, this King can be stingy to the point of cheating someone. He can be erratic, demanding, and callous. He may resist change and make it difficult for those around him to try new things.

Page of Wands

            This Page indicates a creative restlessness, pent up energy, and perhaps some frustration. It has passion and desire, but just is not sure how to put it to good use. This is someone on the verge of discovery or a new phase of life. The sooner she is able to start that new phase, the happier she will be.        Reversed this page represents someone who is expressing pent up frustrated energy in inappropriate and destructive ways.Pages also represent messages. In this case, possibly a message about a new job or career, travel, or something of a spiritual nature

Page of Cups

        This page is sweet, sensitive, and creative. She is a dreamer, the type of girl that enchanted fish tell stories to. Her life is filled with rainbows and magic. She is intuitive and emotional. She loves openly and deeply. Perhaps she gives a bit too much of herself and risks getting hurt. She is constantly being inspired and is always on the verge of some new project or creation. That story the fish told her? She'll  write it, illustrate it, hand bind the book, and give it to that nice woman she just met the other day     If reversed this card represents someone who is overly sensitive, whose feeling get hurt at a drop of a hat, or  a very moody person who has no appropriate outlet for those strong feelingsPages also represent messages. In this case, possibly a message about a loved one or a creative project or possibly  a love note

P age of Swords

       This page is insatiably curious. She wants to know everything. She can be infuriating and annoying, but she can also help open up your thinking. With all her questions, she is perfect for problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking. She can be an over-achiever or a slacker, if not properly challenged her mind is brilliant and sharp, but she does lack intellectual discipline.If reversed, this page still wants to know it all, but is more interested in knowing things she shouldn't or that others would rather she not know. she is not likely to keep any secrets, no mater how much she promises to.Pages also represent messages. In this case, a message about a problem, a solution, or gossip

Page of Penticles

     This page is industrious, crafty, good with her hands, and very earnest about saving her money, She likes to learn new things and particularly enjoys structured learning, classrooms, workshops, and programs. She is clever and creative in finding little ways to earn money or supplement her income. Always seeming to have a little extra, she is generous and often gives unexpected gifts.If reversed, this page can be someone in a position of servitude or under someones control. She can also be someone who is stingy and a penny-pincher, or who never wants to give or do more than she has to.Pages also represent messages. In this case, a message bout money, resources a material matter or health issue. 

Knight of Wands

  This Knight is impetuous, impatient, generous, and ambitious. he is willing to go anywhere and do anything and is happiest when he has a clear goal, he is probably very popular and the type of person people like to be around. He is given to grand gestures that spring from the best intentions; for example, he'd give the coat off his back, even if it leaves him without a coat. But he can be undependable because he is impatient and impetuous, he can lose interest in the task at hand and run after the next shiny new challenge.    If reversed this represents someone prone to making foolish choices, who thinks only of himself or always has to be the center of attention.

Knight of Cups

     This knight is the quintessential romantic Knight in shining armor. He is chivalrous and romantic and fiercely loyal. Hes dreamy, appealing, sensitive, and emotional. He loves art and has a deep appreciation for all beautiful things. Hes always a bit of a distracted day-dreamer. He may not take action because he is too busy dreaming. He may be too shy to ask you out but once he takes you out, he'll make you feel like a princess. Common sense is probably not one of his virtues.   If reversed, this card can indicate someone who is prone to depression or moodiness. He may sink into gloomy pessimism and brood.

Knight of Swords

    This knight is  single-minded and intensely focused. He knows what he wants and is certain he knows how to achieve it. His intellect is stunning, and his mastery of language is a thing of beauty, He is very confident in his opinions and beliefs and loves to express them in friendly but no-hold-barred debates or arguments. If you need someone to advice you about a logical problem or plan, you can count on him. Do not, however, go to him with problems of the heart; he is generally impatient in the face of emotions.  If reversed, this Knight can be a braggart or even a liar. HE will tell stories to bolster his own self-esteem and to gain the respect of others. He lacks compassion and takes pleasure in verbally embarrassing people

Knight of Penticales

     This knight is the most dependable of the Knights. You can count on him to do what he says and to do it well. Whatever the task is at hand, he'll work until its finished. He's the handyman who can do anything. He's the kid who works his way through school and manages to save for his house at the same time. He's good about saving and investing carefully, but he's not about making a quick buck or taking big risks. He is extremely organized, maybe annoyingly so. He can be a loner, preferring staying home to nightclubs or large parties. He is sometimes a little to cautious in his choices and a little to tight with his money. He can be dull and stubborn.     If reversed, this Knight is downright cheap and boring. He might be slightly obsessive-compulsive or antisocial. He certainly wouldn't do anything for free, so don't ask for any favors.
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Which of the following traits do you relate to the most?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


  • 2. 
    How would you describe your lifestyle?
    • A. 

      Busy and hectic!

    • B. 

      I live an active lifestyle, I love to hit the gym, go for a run and do yoga!

    • C. 

      I spend most of my time nurturing and inspiring others.

    • D. 

      Organized, I take time to do my work, leisure time with my friends, and alone time to recharge my mind

  • 3. 
    Which of the following do you cherish the most in life?
    • A. 

      Clear goals

    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


  • 4. 
    What do you expect from others?
    • A. 


    • B. 

      Upheld standards

    • C. 


    • D. 


  • 5. 
    What is your mood like during days when nothing seems to be going your way?
    • A. 

      Angry and reserved

    • B. 

      Positive as obstacles are just challenges that I can overcome to become a better person

    • C. 

      Pouty and aggressive

    • D. 

      Over indulgent on things that can help ease the frustration

  • 6. 
    What is your behaviour like when you're angry?
    • A. 

      I'm oblivious towards angry emotions/

    • B. 

      I'll internally scream and move on. I won't let my anger take control of me.

    • C. 

      I become obsessive and manipulative

    • D. 

      I become and controlling

  • 7. 
    Are you any of these?
    • A. 

      Cheap and obsessive

    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


  • 8. 
    What is your behavious like when its your fault that something bad/unexpected happens?
    • A. 

      I can be a push over and am stingy with money

    • B. 

      I like to Pry

    • C. 

      I become sensitive and secluded.

    • D. 

      I can become inappropriate and destructive when others blame me


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