What Accent Are You?

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Accent Quizzes & Trivia

Friends claiming you have an accent that you feel you dont have? Take this Full Proof quiz to find out your exact accent, and dialect. Prove them Wrong!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    When saying the word "ABOUT" how do you pronounce it?
    • A. 

      As it rhymes with spout or shout

    • B. 

      As if it was spelled abaout

  • 2. 
    If you have a friend named Ashley, How does it sound when you pronounce the A.
    • A. 

      Almost like im saying the letter A. (Ayeshley)

    • B. 

      Like im saying the word stash without the st

  • 3. 
    Say you go to the store and your feelin in the mood for some mozzarella balls. Maybe you were dying laughing and something foul, or something that wasnt ideal and you need some italian food to get your energy back up form your near death experience. How would you pronounce mozzarella?
    • A. 

      As in "motzarella" pretty much how its spelled

    • B. 

      As in Mutzarrella with a little accent on the rella

  • 4. 
    Ok youve had your mozzarella, now you need to throw away the trash. The cans in the drawer. How do u pronounce drawer?
    • A. 

      Like this "draw" ...duh isnt that how its spelled?

    • B. 

      Like a normal person.. like droor

  • 5. 
    Finally Do you say things like im dying, not ideal, foul or even specifically wawawawowwowwow?
    • A. 

      ...yes i do

    • B. 

      Pssshhh never

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