The Ultimate Spandau Ballet Lyric Quiz

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The Ultimate Spandau Ballet Lyric Quiz - Quiz

So you think you know about Spandau Ballet, but how well do you know the bands lyrics? Try this quiz to find out. Just name the song which the following lines come from.


Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

     walk the flow, ah,too slowpost boom, second doomstealing cake to eat the moon

  • 2. 

    No-one ever asked for this.It was a little confusingHe thought he knew what to dobut now they’re walking in silence

  • 3. 

    Another path,Ive run them allThe rain has cleared the stains,no trace at all

    This answer suggests that the person being referred to in the poem loved intensely and passionately, similar to the brilliance and strength of a diamond. The comparison highlights the depth and purity of the love, indicating that it left a lasting impression and had a profound impact on the speaker.

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  • 4. 

    Two old men on their different shoresStretch the world with their tug of warTension pulls on a tightening cord

    The given answer "Be Free With Your Love" can be inferred from the lines "Two old men on their different shores Stretch the world with their tug of war Tension pulls on a tightening cord." This suggests that the two old men are engaged in a conflict or struggle, representing the tension and opposition between them. The phrase "Be Free With Your Love" implies that love should be expressed without restrictions or conflicts, urging individuals to let go of their differences and embrace love and harmony.

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  • 5. 

    All through the mystery,All through the heartacheShes got the only single thingThat Ill never throw away

    The given answer, "Fight For Ourselves," is the correct answer because it is the title of the song being referenced in the provided lyrics. The lyrics talk about going through mystery and heartache, but there is one thing that the singer will never throw away, which is the central theme of the song. Therefore, "Fight For Ourselves" is the appropriate answer based on the given context.

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  • 6. 

    This is your gamein heaven in your bedroom,your chivalrous knightwill save you tonight.

  • 7. 

    Act One’s the same as you read in the bookcould this be the thing that they shout about?

    The given answer, "Heaven Is A Secret," is likely the correct answer because it directly relates to the question. The question mentions Act One being the same as what is read in a book, and asks if this could be the thing that people shout about. The phrase "Heaven Is A Secret" could be interpreted as a metaphorical statement, suggesting that the true meaning or significance of Act One is something that is not openly discussed or revealed. This aligns with the idea of a secret, and therefore supports the possible explanation for the question.

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  • 8. 

    Protect your eyes from what you see,But I can’t give you a guarantee,Win or looseJust trust in my love now baby,

  • 9. 

    I learned it off by heartBut now that’s torn in twoAnd now I know what they’re saying

    The given answer "Through The Barricades" is a song title. The lyrics provided in the question are a part of the song's lyrics. The phrase "Through The Barricades" suggests overcoming obstacles or barriers, which could be metaphorical or literal. This song might be about facing challenges or fighting for something despite the odds.

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  • 10. 

    In the end, all that I left has come unbearableIt’s hard to change your mind,So leave it all behind

    The given answer "Only When You Leave" is the title of a song. The lyrics provided in the question suggest feelings of burden and difficulty in letting go. The phrase "In the end, all that I left has come unbearable" indicates that the person has reached a breaking point and can no longer bear the situation. The line "It's hard to change your mind, so leave it all behind" implies that the person realizes the need to move on and leave everything behind. Therefore, the answer "Only When You Leave" aligns with the theme of the lyrics and represents the idea of letting go.

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  • 11. 

    A curious smell,an intangible crimeI’m washing my clothes,but the stain still growsCover your eyes,the stain still shows

    The given answer, "Chant No.1, Chant No.1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)" is the correct answer because it is the title of a song mentioned in the given text. The lyrics of the song talk about a curious smell, washing clothes, and a stain that still grows. This directly corresponds to the description in the text, making it the correct answer.

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  • 12. 

    See you in the valleyWar upon warHeat upon heat

    The phrase "To Cut A Long Story Short" is a colloquial expression used to summarize or condense a story or explanation. It implies that the speaker wants to provide a concise version of a longer narrative or anecdote. In this context, it suggests that the lines "See you in the valley, War upon war, Heat upon heat" are part of a longer story or explanation that the speaker is about to shorten or summarize.

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  • 13. 

    Always slipping from my hands,Sand’s a time of it’s own.

    The given statement implies that sand is constantly slipping from the speaker's hands and that it has its own concept of time. The word "true" indicates that this statement is accurate and aligns with the speaker's experience.

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  • 14. 

    Oh I was just beginning to grow strongShe was only eighteen summers longWe were the news

    The given answer "Round And Round" is likely the title of a song or a phrase from a song. It is mentioned in the context of the lyrics provided in the question, "Oh I was just beginning to grow strong, She was only eighteen summers long, We were the news." This suggests that "Round And Round" is a continuation of the lyrics or a reference to the song being mentioned. Unfortunately, without further context, it is not possible to provide a more specific explanation.

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  • 15. 

    She’s walking out upon the knifeShe’ll take you to the edge of lifeJust like the song,

    The given answer "Highly Strung" is most likely the title of a song. The lyrics provided in the question suggest that the person being referred to is walking on a dangerous path, symbolized by "the knife" and "the edge of life." The phrase "just like the song" implies that the lyrics are reminiscent of or similar to the themes or emotions conveyed in the song "Highly Strung."

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  • 16. 

    Neither has the ghost of a chanceThose decisions only can be made once

    The given answer "Lifeline" is the correct answer because it is the only word that makes sense in the given context. The phrase "Neither has the ghost of a chance" suggests that something or someone does not have any possibility or hope of success. The following line "Those decisions only can be made once" implies that decisions are crucial and cannot be changed or reversed. The word "Lifeline" fits perfectly as it represents a means of support or assistance in a difficult situation, which aligns with the idea of having a chance or making important decisions.

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  • 17. 

    Build on rock, or build on sand,they’re never gonna lend a handso nothing grows or nothing stands

  • 18. 

    Waiting for the bell to ringShort change fumbleDial-a-heart trouble

    The given answer, "Communication," is the correct answer because all the phrases listed before it are related to different forms of communication. "Waiting for the bell to ring" refers to waiting for a signal or notification, which is a form of communication. "Short change fumble" implies a miscommunication or misunderstanding in a financial transaction. "Dial-a-heart trouble" suggests a problem or miscommunication in a phone call or conversation. Therefore, the common theme among all the phrases is communication.

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  • 19. 

    There’s nothing left to make me feel smallLuck has left me standing so tall

    The answer "Gold" is likely referring to the lyrics of the song "Gold" by the band Imagine Dragons. The given lines suggest that the speaker has overcome obstacles or challenges that made them feel insignificant, and now they feel empowered and confident. Gold is often associated with success, wealth, and strength, which aligns with the theme of the lyrics.

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  • 20. 

    No matter how many milesNothing hurt long-distance-heartsAnd there was always something there

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