The Things They Carried Quiz Questions

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The Things They Carried Quizzes & Trivia

Take this quiz on the things they carried book and share with friends too. It's an interesting short story quiz! Let's begin now!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    How many times did Tim O'Brien say he's told the story "On the Rainy River"?
  • 2. 
    Who was the hero of O'Brien's life?
  • 3. 
    What job did O'Brien have in the summer of '68?
  • 4. 
    In what state is the Tip Top Lodge?
  • 5. 
    What was Elroy doing as O'Brien sat in the boat decided what to do?
  • 6. 
    Who are the Greenies?
  • 7. 
    Describe the Greenies?
  • 8. 
    What does Mary Anne do when Fossie tells her he is making plans to send her home?
  • 9. 
    Who is the narrator of the tale "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong?"
  • 10. 
    Who thinks it is wrong to set up base in the pagoda?
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