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The Backyardigans Quiz - Quiz

To all the animation lovers out there who love watching The Backyardigans both old and young, this quiz is for you. It is specifically designed to find out how much you know about the characters. All the best.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Pablo has been in almost episodes he is missing in a few which are they?
    • A. 

      The swamp creature, The Movers of Arabia and Chicken itza pizza

    • B. 

      The break out

    • C. 

      Chicken Itza Pizza, Chicken Itza Pizza and, Chicken Itza Pizza

    • D. 

      Monster Detectives

    • E. 

      Monster Detectives and Garbage Trek

  • 2. 
    There is six Backyardigans in the show.
    • A. 

      No lies

    • B. 

      Not exactly

  • 3. 
    In the show, Uniqua happens to be in every
  • 4. 
    Select The episode titles of The Backyardigans TV Show.
    • A. 

      Garbage Trek

    • B. 

      The Swamp Creature

    • C. 

      The Movers Of Arabia

    • D. 

      Follow The Feather

    • E. 

      Blazing Paddles

    • F. 

      Pablo and the Acorns

    • G. 

      Special Delivery

    • H. 

      Mission To Mars

  • 5. 
    Are you a true Fan
    • A. 

      I would give a perfectly good life for them!!!!!!

    • B. 

      No I am a jerk who is taking this quiz for satisfaction!!

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