And The Storm Rages On (Part 2)

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Part two of a Jonas Brother's story/quiz. Which boy will start to fall for you?

You May Get

Isn't he sweet?

As you strum your guitar lightly, you start humming to yourself, thankful no one is roomed close enough to you. There’s a soft knock. You pause and listen, it’s definitely your door. You call to come in softly. Nick’s curly head pops through the door.  You smile and wave him in. “Can’t sleep?”  He shakes his head. “Jet lag. What’s your excuse?”  “Same,” You answer, patting the other end of your bed.  He looks at you strangely as he sits down. “Don’t you live here?”  You manage to hold back a laugh. “Here? No, I just got here, actually right before I ran into you guys.”  He nods, eyes watching you finger the strings on your guitar aimlessly. “Where are you from?”  You tell him, suddenly feeling a little bit awkward with your guitar. It’s one thing to play in front of friends, but to play in front of a national icon…  “Did I interrupt your playing?” He asks.  “What? No, I was just messing around.” You look down. “I was working on a song.”  “Can I hear it?  Your mouth opens, then closes again. “I, uh, I don’t… it’s not done yet.” There’s a moment of silence. You spend a second to weigh the consequences then decide to compromise. “I’ll play it for you, but I’m not singing, because the words aren’t done yet.”  He gives you a conceding smile. “I can live with that.”  You begin to play, shakily at first. Working through the more difficult verse. You glance up at Nick, expecting him to be watching you. Instead you find his eyes closed, his head dancing to the rhythm. By the time you get around to the chorus the second time you start to relax, without really thinking about it you start to sing quietly. “I’m bottled up. Hidden from view. Nobody knows how I really am. What can I do, What can I say. When I got nowhere to run.” You start in on the bridge, almost forgetting you’re not alone.“You’re right beside me through it all. You understand how I really feel. When I got nowhere to run. I hide myself in your embrace. I know I can’t do. I know I can’t say. Without you there to guide me through.”You finish letting the last note resonate softly. You keep your eyes down, feeling your heart beat widely. When you finally get the nerve to look up, Nick is staring at you, a small smile playing on his face.  “And you were nervous,” He says, teasing slightly. “When you’re done I’d like to hear it.”  You nod and set your guitar down. “You, want to play cards?”  He shrugs. “Sure, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping anytime soon.” You reach over to your bags and pull out a deck of cards, and begin to shuffle. You straighten out your comforter to make a playing space and sit cross-legged across from him. “Speed?” He smiles. “I’ll win.” You drop your jaw dramatically. “Well, aren’t you humble. You underestimate the girl?” He shakes his head. “No I underestimate the girl who boats across the lake in a storm.” You hang your head. “You have a point, but not a good enough one. So shut your mouth and back up all that talk.” You guys play for about ten minutes before it became apparent you were a little too loud when you yelled out speed and shoved the cards victoriously in Nick’s direction. “Your deal!” Nick starts collecting the cards. “You only won because I got distracted by the lightning.” You look up after hearing a cleared throat to see Joe leaning against your door frame. “Rockstar!” You exclaim rather loudly between laughs. “Come help me beat your brother up.” Joe rolled his eyes before pulling your chair over. Nick tries to defend his honor. “You only beat me two out of four, I say we’re even.” “I have winner,” Joe says, leaning forward to watch. ”Then I have looser,” Kevin’s voice interrupts through the doorway. “If you have another deck of cards that is.” You point to the desk across the room. “My aunt puts one in every room. A necessity in our family.” Kevin collects the deck and nudges Nick over to sit next to him.  You happen to loose, so you and Kevin play each other. Just as he's about to play his last card you get your ace in just before him, resulting in him hitting your hand rather loudly. "Ow!" You cry pulling your hand back.His eyes widen. "Are you okay?"You give him a convincing glare, while pouting lips. "Yeah, Punk." The four of you finish a rather intense speed tournament before the boys slowly start heading to bed until it’s back to you and Nick. He finally stands after you two have talked for a while alone. “I should head out,” He says, running his fingers across the strings of your guitar. He leans over to kiss your cheek “Goodnight, Dollface.” You give him a weird look and start to turn off your light when at the door, he turns. “____?” You look back up. “You shouldn’t be nervous.” You smile and blush, ducking your head to avoid his eyes. “Thanks.” He shuts the door after him, and you lean over, shutting off your light. “What a day.”

Hey, Hey, I wanna be a Rockstar...

Half way through a paragraph you find yourself in need of own of your notebooks. Why you brought more than one, God only knows, but there you were sitting on the floor searching through five notebooks. You were just now flipping through the last one. “What could you possibly need in there at this time of night?” You look up, startled by Joe’s voice. You stand up, finding what you were looking for. “I couldn’t sleep. What about you, Rockstar? What are you doing up?” He holds up a half empty glass of water, choosing to ignore the name. “Jet lag.” He notices your still packed bags. “You too? You’re not from here?” You shake your head, easing the laptop back onto your lap. “Nope, first night.” He sits down on your bed and lies down across it horizontally so his legs are still hanging off at the knees. “The weirdest thing is, I’m really tired, but I can’t sleep.” You laugh. “Try having insomnia, it feels something like this.” He turns his head to you. “You have experience.” “Yeah,” You nod, glancing away from your typing. “At home I don’t sleep until about three or four.” “What are you typing?” Before you can stop him, he reaches over to grab your notebook. He reads it out loud, “They keep talking but I don’t understand. The world is spinning but I’m standing still. I cry in agony, and scream in anguish. My hands are shaking but they don’t even notice. Does anyone hear my cry, do they see my torture deep inside. How could they when:” He looks up. “When what?” You snatch the notebook from him. “That’s the first verse, the rest is in the chorus.” You glance sheepishly towards him. “You have a really good reading voice, by the way.” “So it’s a song?” He asks, then realizes you complimented him. “Uh, thanks.” You nod, not meeting his eyes. “Yeah, I write almost anything, but recently I’ve been on songs.”“Can I hear it?” You laugh slightly. “Uh, no, you don’t want to.” “Why would I have asked if I didn’t want to?” He asks, rolling onto his side to look at you. “Because,” You twist your mouth slightly. “You’ve never heard me sing, it’s not pretty.” He raises an eyebrow. “It can’t be that bad. Unless you’re tone deaf, which is unlikely since you write songs. Come on, I don’t judge, and this is really good.” You roll your eyes. “Fine, but I warned you.” You sing the verse rather quietly, so much so that he had to lean in to hear you. At the end of the verse your voice falters slightly. He looks up. “Why’d you stop?” You shrug. “I don’t know.” “You know what I think your problem is?” He seems to state, rather than ask. “Sounds to me like you’re going to tell me.” He smiles. “Yeah I am, I think you’re trying to sing in the wrong range. If you had some training I think you’d be pretty good.” You roll your eyes again, blushing slightly. “Whatever you say.” “You roll your eyes a lot,” He comments, before rolling back to stare at the ceiling. “So, is this what you usually do late at night? Write I mean.” You laugh. “No, usually I’m too lazy and just play solitaire on my phone.” He looks at you with a smile. “Do you know how to play Nerts?” “No?” “Well, it’s like a mix between speed and solitaire.” You pull out a deck of cards. “Teach me?” He sits up. “We’ll need another deck, I might have one.” “Check the desk drawer, my aunt keeps one in all rooms.” Sure enough he pulls one out while you flatten out your comforter. You sit across from each other while he explains the fast paced game to you. It didn’t take long before you had a score sheet pinned up on the wall next to you. Halfway through shuffling for your third game, Nick’s tired voice speaks from the doorway. “What are you guys doing?” Joe waves him in. “Nerts, come play!” The younger Jonas shakes his head in disbelief before disappearing again. Joe shrugs and continues to shuffle. Two minutes later, Nick returns with his own deck of cards. “I can’t play with out cards genius.” You laugh and move your cards over so he has room before writing his name on your score sheet. Just as you’re about to turn a card over you see Joe place his last up with flare. “Nerts!” He smiles sweetly at Nick he tosses his cards down in frustration. “I can’t believe it!” He grumbles. “You know what I can’t believe?” The three of you turn in shock at Kevin, standing in his pajamas at the door. You cringe. “We’re being too loud?” “Well, that, and, you’re playing without me? Jerks!” He pulls up your chair to sit between you and Nick, who is currently on the floor next to Joe."We're not Jerks!" You protest before adding. "Punk Child.""Punk Child?" He asks with a mouth wide. "Punk Child you say? What did I do to deserve that? You're the ones playing without me."Nick nods in agreement. “Don’t feel too hurt, they didn’t tell me either.” “Hey, now, I was trying to let you sleep!” Joe defends himself, or tries to. You just sit back and laugh at their brotherly bickering. “We playing or not?” Kevin deals out his cards. “Oh we’re playing, this is where you find out that they didn’t invite me for a reason.” “Oh please,” Joe scoffs. “You’ve never beaten me.” Kevin opens his mouth, then shuts it again. Leaning over to you he speaks just loud enough for the whole group to hear. “You know, he has a point.” You shake your head at them with a smile. “You guys are a crack up.” Joe gives you a clumsy bow, which didn’t really work out in the position he was sitting in, but it was entertaining none the less. After an intense game of Nerts, you finally end tied for second with Nick. Joe stands after his brothers have left and collects his cards. “Well, until next time you feel like having me beat you again.” You rolled your eyes at him. “Pride comes before a fall, Rockstar.” He laughs and pushes your head lightly with his hand. “Night, Doll.” “Doll?” You ask, only to have him shrug with a smirk and shut the door behind him.

Did you say Punk?

You hook up your X-box to the tv across from your bed and start searching through your bags for halo. “Kind of late, isn’t it?” You look up to see Kevin at your door. “Huh? Oh, yeah it is, but I can’t sleep.” He nods. “Same here.” “Jet lag’s brutal huh?” You ask gesturing to your bag. “yeah.” There was a comfortable silence as you sat on the floor next to your luggage, and he stood at your door. You glance at him briefly. “You want to play halo?” He smiled. “Sure! Finding it, you sit next to him at the edge of your bed and slip the disc into the game system. The two of you played two rounds. You one the first one, but he managed to get lucky the second. “Grr!” You say, with a smile. “You cheated!” “How could I have cheated?” He asks pointing at the screen. “You’re a sore looser.” You laugh. “Your face is a sore looser.” He glares at you. “Leave my face out of this, it didn’t hurt you.” “Maybe not,” Joe’s voice interrupts from the door. “But it’s an offense to have to look at.” You both turn towards him. “Rockstar! Nick! Come play with us!” Kevin raises his eyebrow at you. “Rockstar?” You shrug. “Don’t ask.” Nick takes a seat on the other side of you, while Joe sits on the floor slightly to the side of Kevin. “I’ll go easy on you,” Joe was saying as he picked up a controller. “Since it’s not nice to hurt a girl.” Kevin’s eyes widen. “That’s what they said about Joan of Arc… you sure you want to do that?” You laugh, glancing over at Kevin. “Thank you, I take that as a compliment. Even if she was executed.” The oldest brother shrugs. “It was meant as one, execution aside.” “I like that whole execution thing.” Joe says with a smirk as he sneaks up on your player and shoots you. You laugh. “What happened to going easy?” “I lied.” You glance over at the silent Nick to see him smiling, but concentrated on not getting killed by Kevin. You lean over to nudge him a bit with your shoulder. “Do you speak?” He doesn’t look at you as he answers. “When I have something to say.” “What he means is,” Kevin starts just before Nick kills him. “That our conversation isn’t mature enough for him.” “Because he’s so much older and wiser than you?” Kevin laughs. “No, just more mature.” “Which isn’t hard to do,” Joe says as he achieves vengeance for Nick’s death. “Where are you?” Nick finally asks in frustration, having been searching for you since he died. You smile as you look down at Nick through a sniper’s scope. “I’ll never tell, but I’ll give you a hint.” “Okay?” He asks, instantly regretting it as your bullet finds it’s mark. “Hey, that’s my brother!” Joe growls in good humor. You give him a pout. “What, upset I got to him first?” Joe smirks. “You read my mind.” “Hey, _______, question for you?” Kevin asks. “What?” “How long do you plan on hiding right here? Because I’m getting bored watching you snipe my brother’s.” You stand your player up just in time to see Kevin shoot you. “Punk!” “I’m not a punk!” Kevin protests. “I beg to differ.” After several games, accompanied by more pointless banter, Joe concedes with several impressive wins as well as losses, and heads to bed. Nick stayed for a little longer, talking a little more with one less person in the room, but he too left after one more game. Kevin yawns as Nick shuts the door and slings a casual arm around you. “Looks like it’s just you and me again, Doll.” “Doll?” You ask shrugging away from him, albeit regretfully. He looks over at you and answers with the same roll of the eyes. “Punk?” You laugh. “Point taken.” With tied wins, Kevin bows a goodnight, and heads out as well.“Night, Punk.” You call out quietly as he’s shutting the door behind him. He pokes his head in just enough to answer. “Night, Doll.”You lean back on the bed from where you're sitting, too tired to actually crawl in bed. It isn't long before you feel yourself drift off to sleep.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You take a deep breath before you knock on the front door of the quaint bed an breakfast. The house had once been a southern plantation home. You close your eyes and mentally walk from the large entry way, up the stairs, and to one of the fifteen bedrooms. The door opens in front of you, you open your eyes and your aunt stares down at you. “Since when do you knock at a bed and breakfast?” You break into a large grin before pouncing on your aunt, wrapping her in a big hug despite the floured apron covering her. Your aunt peels you away eventually. “It’s great to see you too sweetie, lets get your uncle to carry your things upstairs.” She tilted her voice up the stairs and called out for her husband. “Sean?” Your Uncle Sean came down the stairs with his face stuck in a book. He mumbled a distracted “What do you need?” When he reached the bottom of the stairs. “Hi, Uncle Sean,” You try, seeing if he really is paying attention. “_____!” He picks you up in a tight bear hug. “Let me get your things.” He turns to his wife. “Did you call me for something dear?” You and you aunt share a smile. “No, go right ahead.” As soon as you’re settled in the large bedroom, you hear your aunt knock at the door. “______? I know you just got here, so you can say no if you like, but I really need some things from the store for dinner, would you mind?” You start to consider it, then you see the motorboat keys in her hand. “I’d love to!” You say with a smile on your face. She tosses you the keys and hands you a list. “Be back soon.” You don’t waste anytime, immediately bolting out of your room and sliding down the polished banister. You hear your uncle call after you as you start up the boat. “Better hurry, the sky’s looking dark.” You send him an acknowledging wave, and set off thinking….
    • A. 

      I get to drive the boat!!!!

    • B. 

      It is getting pretty bad, I hope the water stays calm…

    • C. 

      I’m driving the boat… scary thought…

  • 2. 
    By the time you reach the mainland, the sky has turned a dark gray. You tie the boat quickly and hurry to the grocery store as it starts to rain. The ringing of the doorbell was accompanied by a crash of lightning. The woman at the counter waved hello before getting back to her cleaning. You run a hand through your slightly damp hair and pull the crumpled list out of your pocket. As you paid for your groceries you watched the storm outside. It was still only drizzling but the wind and lightning were enough to take it to a full blown storm. The television droning in the background announced that the lake was declared off limits just before the cable went out. You groaned audibly, the bridge was on the opposite shore. “It’s going to be a long walk.” The cashier gives you a sympathetic smile as she hands you a receipt. As you step out of the building, you see a group of people taking shelter under the store’s awning. Two of them were talking to each other while the third paced off to the side while on the phone. “Can someone please explain to me why we had to walk back here?” One of them was saying. Another sighed impatiently. “Who knows, the sooner we can find a hotel the better.” The man on the phone started talking louder. “I can’t hear you, is there any other way around?”  There was a long pause. “Hello?” He dropped the phone back into his pocket. “Maybe there’s a phone inside.” You couldn’t help but interrupt. “Don’t bother, all the lines are down.” They turned to you then, all three of the young men wearing hoods and sun glasses, you almost wanted to laugh at them. “Look, if you need a place to stay, we have to room.” They exchanged uncomfortable looks. You cringe. “No, um, my aunt and uncle run the bed and breakfast, there’s no actual hotel here. And they won’t hear of you paying once they see how pathetically you all look like lost puppies left out in a rain storm right now.” They visibly relaxed, if a bit offended at your comment about their soaked clothes. “There’s just one problem.” The shortest one, who’s voice aged him around fifteen spoke up. “What is it?” You smile and bit your lower lip. “I came here by boat, and the sheriff closed down water traffic, but if you have a car we can swing around and cut over the bridge.” One of them, the only one wearing a scarf, smirked. “You need a ride home.” You laugh and blush slightly. “Yeah, I do. But in the very least I can promise a hot meal if I get these groceries back in time.” The phone boy grabs your wrist. “The car is this way.” Scarf-boy calls from behind as he starts to pull you away. “Kev shouldn’t we wait for…” He cut the other off. “C’mon, they don’t call you Danger for nothing.” You heard someone mutter, “He’s got a point.” Before the four of you were trudging through the mud. When you reach the car you see why they are stranded. A very tall tree had been knocked down across the town’s only road in that direction, barely missing their car. You cock your head. “That could have been painful.” The one called Kev continued the pull you towards the rather nice car. “You sit in shot gun.” He practically ordered.
    • A. 

      “Excuse me? Who died and made you my dad?” You say a little put off.

    • B. 

      I get to sit shot gun with Kevin Jonas driving! You regain your composure and say, “Yeah, just, um, let me take my shoes off.”

    • C. 

      You make your way to the car, miraculously only loosing your balance once, and catching yourself by leaning a hand on the car. “I’m good, happens all the time.”

  • 3. 
    Kevin seemed to ignore you as he got in the car, while the youngest smiled at your hesitance to get the car dirty. “Don’t worry about the car, mud can be cleaned.” You return the smile before climbing in the car. Kevin turns the car around and starts across town. Scarf-boy, for lack of better name to call him, was trying to find a radio station that worked with the radio remote. You look back and open your mouth to speak, but he cuts you off. “Yeah I know, it’s an electrical storm, don’t bother.” You crinkly your nose and nod. “Sorry.” In the heavy winds, Kevin managed to keep the car from swerving too much, and you made it across the bridge in almost total silence. The youngest caught your arm before you reached the door. “You’re sure she won’t mind?” You laughed. “Just watch.” You open the door and call inside and you wipe your feet on the mat. “Aunt Allison, I brought some strays home with me.” “Oh good,” She answers from the kitchen. “I need someone to set the table, and the tomatoes need to be sliced. Also…” You hear her stop mid-sentence from the hallway where you are rummaging through the closet. You smile, knowing she just found the boys standing drenched in her front room. “Dear Lord, you are all soaked, _____ can you get them…” “Towels?” You finish for her, walking in with an armful. The boys thank you as you hand them each one. You point to your aunt. “My Aunt Allison, and these are Kevin, Scarf-boy, and the younger one.” ‘Scarf-boy’ cocked an eyebrow and you shrug. “I had to call you something.” He shook his head and laughed. “It’s Joe, and he’s Nick.” “I like Scarf-boy better,” Kevin muttered so only you and Joe heard. Your aunt had already started talking again, though she is headed back to the kitchen. “When I saw how quickly the storm picked up I was so worried you wouldn’t make it. Your Uncle will have your head for bringing his boat back here in this.” You follow her, motioning the boys to follow. “I didn’t, they have a car so we took the bridge.” She glanced back at you. “The bridge will be washed out if it starts to rain too hard.” She hands you a bag of onions. “Boys! Wash your hands!” They all hurried to comply while you flashed them an I-told-you-so smile. “Chopped or sliced?” You ask, starting at the onions. Kevin and Nick headed to the dining room, while Joe stayed to slice the tomatoes. Now that his sweater was off, you could see his long hair hanging wet in his face. He pushed it away every few moments. You felt kind of bad for not letting him and the others change before putting them to work. Your aunt disappeared somewhere, and the two of you continued to work in silence. You wipe a few tears away as you continue to chop the onion in your hand. Joe lifts himself up on the counter and starts talking nonsense. “You may not know this, but I’m really quite a sentimental dog.” “What?” You ask. “I cry easily,” He says ignoring you. “Onions for instance, always make me cry.” You laugh slightly, which he takes as encouragement. The speaking changes to singing, catching you off guard. “I'll admit I split bananas, take Easter eggs and make them dye. But I never harmed an onion so why should they make me cry?” You were fully laughing now. He grinned broadly and hopped off the counter, taking a onion to dance with as he did. “Once I saw a salad dressing. My face got radish, my oh my.” You shook you head at the way he said ‘my oh my,’ with his hand on his cheek. “But I never harmed an onion so why should they make me cry?” “Would you stop?” You ask, trying to snatch the onion from him. As if to answer, his song became a little more intense as he stomped around the kitchen. “Potatoes I've mashed, and berries I've crushed,” He jumped angrily as if to illustrate the crushing and mashing. “I've made an arti-choke, and that's not all. I've also whipped cream, and beaten an egg. Yes, I've even made a melon ball.” He got down on his knees and held up the onion to implore its forgiveness. “Of all the things above, I'm guilty. If punished I would know just why. But I never harmed an onion so why should they make me cry?” He pretended to sob uncontrollably. “Oh why should they make me cry?” He wiped his eyes and spoke passionately. “This has been a Muppets moment, courtesy of Rowlf the dog.” He then stood and started to slice tomatoes as if nothing happened. You couldn’t help but just stand there with your hand over your mouth. After a long time of stillness you finally start to continue your task, turning to the carrots, now with a very interesting song stuck in your head.
    • A. 

      That was… interesting…

    • B. 

      Joe Jonas sang to me!!!! (relax honey, it was the onion song).

    • C. 

      Haha! That was funny!

  • 4. 
    Once the table was set, and the tomatoes were done, your aunt sent Sean to help them with their bags so they could be more presentable. You continued to help your aunt cook. They food was just finishing up in the oven, you were curled up on the couch flipping through one of the many magazines your aunt kept lying around for customers when you heard one of the guests scream. You bolt up and towards the scream. You find an eleven year old girl at the bottom of the stairs, staring up. “You’re Nick Jonas!” She screams again. You cover your ears at the noise and look up at Nick. He stood there not sure what to do, looking rather cute in dryer clothes, and hair that hadn’t been attacked by rain. Joe and Kevin came running from their rooms, until they saw what the screaming was about. Or rather they heard it, when the girl screeched again. “Oh my God! You’re all here!” You bring your lips inside your mouth in an attempt to hide your smile. So you hadn’t been sure when they were all wet and hiding behind glasses and hoods, but you hadn’t expected this situation. After a long awkward silence Nick waved. “Hi, I’m Nick.” The girl was practically dancing. “Please, please do the intro.” The boys looked confused. “You know, What’s up I’m…” Joe fingered his gray hat in confusion. You couldn’t help it anymore, you started laughing. “Hun, I think the ‘brothers’ would like to come down to dinner now.” The girl’s eyes widened even more, if possible. “They’re eating with us?” Her voice had turned from a scream to an excited whisper. You give her an exaggerated nod. “Yup.” She gave another squeal and ran off. You turned back to the boys, who were headed down the stairs. “How are the rooms?” Kevin smiled, taking your arm to lead you to the dining room. “Great, this is a great place.” You pull away somewhat hesitantly. “I have to help serve, but please find a seat.” You wave to the dining room door as you disappear into the kitchen. Carrying the chicken, cooked with your and Joe’s veggies, you fail at hiding a smile when you see the girl sitting quite star struck next to Nick. The boy made a valiant effort at conversation, but the girl was too speechless to talk. When you go to take a seat, Nick immediately stands to pull out the chair next to him and Kevin for you. You smile at him and whisper softly before taking a seat. “You want me to take our seat?” He smiles in appreciation. “Thanks, but I’m good.” As you eat, you can’t help but notice Nick’s polite responses to the girl’s frankly rude and prying questions. “So, are you still dating?” She asks, batting her little Junior High eyes. You shake your head thinking…
    • A. 

      Back up, girl! You’re way too young for him…

    • B. 

      How embarrassing, poor guy.

    • C. 

      Well, are you? I want to know too! (and I’m the right age too!)

  • 5. 
    Besides the makeshift conversation between Nick and his new ‘friend,’ the dinner table was remotely quiet. Partly because the girl was making everyone else nervous, but also because your aunts chicken was really good. As were the mashed potatoes. After dinner, you start to clear the table. As you head back to the kitchen you notice Joe following you with a pile of dishes. You put yours down on the table and take the stack from him. “Excuse you, you’re not supposed to be helping,” You say, trying to shoo him out of the kitchen. He looks at you obstinately. “Why not? Just because I’m a Jonas Brother?” You roll your eyes at him. “Sorry Rockstar, no preferential treatment here, but you are a guest. And as a guest, you can’t help with the dishes.” “I helped with dinner,” He argues. “And don’t call me that.” You pause for a second before answering.
    • A. 

      “Good point, but I’m still not letting you. This is my chore, and I’ll call you Rockstar if I want.”

    • B. 

      “Yes, and you sung Muppets to me, therefore I don’t want to be in here alone with you again.”

    • C. 

      “Honestly, there’s not room in here for two people to do dishes, I can do it on my own.”

  • 6. 
    Joe hangs his head in defeat before retreating back to his brothers. You just start rinsing when Kevin walks in. “What can I do?” He asks, clapping his hands in front of him. You sigh and turn to him, not realizing you have a knife in your hands. “what is with you guys, go get some sleep you look exhausted, the place can run without you.” “It was just a question,” Kevin says, one hand up in surrender, while the other lowers your knife wielding hand Your Uncle Sean chose that moment to enter. He claps a hand on Kevin’s shoulder. “Going to get some firewood since the storm hasn’t let up, mind lending a hand?” Kevin smiles smugly at you. “Love to.” You stick your tongue out at him before turning back to your task. That night, as you lie in bed wide awake. You finally get frustrated with jet lag and turn on your light. Reaching over to your things you pull out your:
    • A. 

      Guitar, might as well write a song.

    • B. 

      Laptop, gonna get some writing done.

    • C. 

      Xbox, there’s a tv in my room

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