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You want to see how much you REALLY know about Spongebob? Not answering questions like, 'Who's Spongebob's pet snail? ' or 'Who lives right next door to Spongebob? ' Some of these questions you need to watch certain episodes for. Take this quiz!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Mr. Krab's pet is a...
  • 2. 
    Mr. Krab's pet's name is...
  • 3. 
    Who does Spongebob tattletale on and then the person who got told on tries to strangle-I mean protect...no strangle him by TRYING to protect him...(This is an easy question because I practically gave it away!)
  • 4. 
    In the episode where Spongebob forced Gary to compete in the snail races, who wins the snail races?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


  • 5. 
    What does Spongebob get instead of colds?
  • 6. 
    In "Spongebob the Movie" who or what takes Spongebob and Patrick back home from Shell City?
  • 7. 
    In the episode "Dying for Pie," what did Spongebob give Squidward? (The first gift)
  • 8. 
    In the episode "Dying for Pie," how many times did Mr. Krab's say he'd seen someone eat a bomb pie and blow up?
  • 9. 
    When Spongebob, Squidward and Mr. Krabs go clam fishing, what does Mr. Krabs lose?
    • A. 

      His millionth dollar

    • B. 

      His first dime

    • C. 

      His first dollar

    • D. 

      His pants

  • 10. 
    What does Spongebob name No Name after he finally catches him?
  • 11. 
    Who does Pearl play the role of in the Krusty Krab Commercial in the episode, "As seen on T.V"
  • 12. 
    What's Plankton's version of the fun song?
  • 13. 
    What's Spongebob's version of the fun song? (P.S. Do NOT include this verse: F is for frolocking through all the flowers, U is for ukulele, N is for nose-pickin', sharin' gum and sun-lickin' here with my best buddy)
  • 14. 
    What does Spongebob say on his way to work?
  • 15. 
    When Sandy goes into hibernation, Spongebob and Patrick take all of her...
  • 16. 
    What's the second line in the song "Best day ever?"
  • 17. 
    What are the first four words after the second line in the song "Best day ever?"
  • 18. 
    In the episode, "Best day ever" at the end of the episode, what are Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, and Spongebob sitting on?
  • 19. 
    What did Spongebob do for Sandy on the "Best day ever?"
    • A. 

      He lent Sandy his karate gloves

    • B. 

      He clogged up the leak in Sandy's tree dome

    • C. 

      He gave her his jellyfishing net

  • 20. 
    What's Spongebob's most prized jellyfish-catching net's name?
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