Solve Equations With Variables On Both Sides

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Equation Quizzes & Trivia

Being able to combine like terms in an equation before solving, even when there are variables on both sides.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    5p = p - 4.8

    The equation 5p = p - 4.8 can be solved by subtracting p from both sides to isolate the variable. This gives 4p = -4.8. Dividing both sides by 4 gives p = -1.2. Therefore, the correct answer is -1.2.

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    8y =  2y + 30

    In the given equation, 8y = 2y + 30, we need to solve for y. To isolate y, we can subtract 2y from both sides of the equation, which gives us 6y = 30. Then, dividing both sides of the equation by 6, we find that y = 5. Therefore, the answer is 5.

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    5k - 10 = 2k + 17

    The given equation is 5k - 10 = 2k + 17. To solve for k, we can start by simplifying the equation. By combining like terms, we get 3k = 27. To isolate k, we divide both sides of the equation by 3. This gives us k = 9, which is the solution to the equation.

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    8a - 6 = 2a + 42

    To solve the equation, you can start by isolating the variable on one side of the equation. By subtracting 2a from both sides, you get 8a - 2a - 6 = 42. Simplifying this equation gives you 6a - 6 = 42. Next, you can add 6 to both sides to eliminate the -6, resulting in 6a = 48. Finally, dividing both sides by 6 gives you a = 8, which is the correct answer.

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    Simplify this expression: 3p - 2p + 7p - 16 + 11p

    The given expression involves adding and subtracting terms with the variable p. To simplify, we can combine like terms by adding or subtracting the coefficients of p. In this case, we have 3p, 2p, 7p, and 11p. Adding these coefficients gives us a total of 23p. We also have a constant term of -16. Therefore, the simplified expression is 23p - 16.

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