Factors Of The Number Quiz Questions

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Number Quizzes & Trivia

Even semester

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    1. Which of the following conditions is a set?
      1. Group  of interesting sports.
      2. Group  of beautiful girls.
      3. Group  of clever boys.
      4. Group  of eight multiple numbers.

  • 2. 

    1. P = set of prime numbers between 2 and 19. The number of elements of P is … .

  • 3. 

    The set notation for B = { 1, 4 , 9 } is …. . A. B = { x/x square of the first three natural numbers }. B. B = { x/x ordered numbers less than 10 }. C.B = { x/x  the first multiple of the numbers 2 and 3}. D.B ={ x/x  factors of the number 36 that less than 10 }.

  • 4. 

    The empty set in the following sets is... A.Set of whole numbers less than zero. B.Set of  human who ever go to the outer space. C.Set of odd numbers which are empty divided by three. D.Set of whole numbers square which are empty divided by four.

  • 5. 

    Given A = The subset of A is&hellip

  • 6. 

    K = the number all subsets of K is ...

  • 7. 

    Given P = . The possible universal set oP is &hellip Set of  natural number Set of odd number less than 8 Set of prime number less than 7 Set of even number less than 7

  • 8. 

    Let P = Set of the first seven letter in the alphabet       Q = Set of the vowels in the alphabet The set of P Q are &hellip.

  • 9. 


  • 10. 

    . Let A={composite numbers less than 10}        B={ odd numbers between 2 and 10} The elements of set B – A are ….


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