Physics Technical Test Questions And Answers

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Physics Technical Test Questions And Answers - Quiz

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Calculate the nominal, tolerance and clearance in Figure 1: A) Arithmetic  /  B)Statitistical  1.5RSS

  • 2. 

    Given the outside radius Ro, the inside radius Ri the axial force F and a measured friction coefficient µ, derive an expression for the torque T that can be transmitted with this clutch (see figure 2).

  • 3. 

    Does the hole have an effect on the stress? If yes, explain where is the maximum stress? (see figure 3).

  • 4. 

    Two steel bars with identical geometry are subject to an equal load. The first bar has a yield strength of σys = 1000 MPa while the second bar has σys = 500 MPa. The load causes a max. stress of σ = 400 MPa. Which bar deflects more?  (see figure 4).

  • 5. 

    It is known that the machining production of a Impeller hub diameter has a normal distribution. The average of the diameter is ø45.8 and the Sigma is 0.2. Considering that the print spec is ø46+/-0.4.

  • 6. 

    Calculate the equivalent spring rate  of the following spring configurations (A & B).  Consider K1 = 2 N/mm and K2 = 2 N/mm (see figure 6 A & B).

  • 7. 

    Name at least 5 different GD&T

  • 8. 

    Calculate the torque on point (A) when F = 210N and length of rod is 2m and create free body diagram of the stress distribution on the x-section at point A.

  • 9. 

    What case has the highest and the lowest contact stress? Case1: Cylinder-Plane / Case2: Cylinder-Cylinder / Case3: Cylinder-Cylinder

  • 10. 

    In the beam below, with circular x-section, Identify the location point of the highest stress and the possible location of the failure. Create a free body diagram of combined stress of the section.

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