Put The Verb In Brackets In The Correct Tense.

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Put The Verb In Brackets In The Correct Tense.

Tenses are the part of English grammar that almost conclusively describes how good you are in English. Other than present tense, how many other tenses do you know? The quiz below tests on the different tenses together. All the best.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    I would be more careful if I ...  you.(be)
  • 2. 
    If I ... Jerry now, I would be delighted. (see)
  • 3. 
    What ...  if you saw yourself on TV? (you/do)
  • 4. 
    Where would your parents go on holiday if you ...  to go with them? (decide)
  • 5. 
    If I ...  a dog, I would be afraid to stay alone in the house. (not-have)
  • 6. 
    If you ... before opening your mouth, you would get into less trouble. (think)
  • 7. 
    I ...  to Scotland this summer if I could rely on some warm weather. (go)
  • 8. 
    If Jack ...  his mother more often, she wouldn’t be so upset with him.(phone)
  • 9. 
    He’s one of the few politicians who is out of the public eye. If he ...  more often, it would be better for his future. (be seen)
  • 10. 
    Her Spanish ...  if they spoke more Spanish with her. (improve)
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