Complete The Dialogues With Must, Can’t, Or Might.

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  • 1. 
    ‘You’re getting married? You ________ be serious!’ ‘You’re right. I’m just joking.’
  • 2. 
    ‘I thought you ________ like to borrow this book.’ ‘Oh great, thanks. I was thinking about buying it.’
  • 3. 
    ‘I’ve just run 20km. I’m training for a marathon.’ ‘Really? You ________ feel exhausted.’
  • 4. 
    ‘Marilyn and Bob are on holiday in Sicily this week.’ ‘They ________ be. I’ve just seen Marilyn in town.’
  • 5. 
    ‘I passed my driving test!’ ‘Congratulations! You ________ be very happy.’
  • 6. 
    ‘Look, Jane left her bag here.’ ‘It ________ be Jane’s– her bag is black.’
  • 7. 
    ‘Where’s Steven?’ ‘I don’t know. He ________ be in a meeting. Shall I look in his diary?’
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