Rational Rundown: A Quiz On Comparing And Ordering Numbers

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Rational Rundown: A Quiz On Comparing And Ordering Numbers - Quiz

Gear up for a mathematical journey with the "Rational Rundown: A Quiz on Comparing and Ordering Numbers." This quiz is your passport to mastering the art of comparing and ordering rational numbers. Challenge yourself with questions that navigate through fractions, decimals, and integers, testing your ability to arrange them in ascending or descending order.

From identifying the smallest fraction to arranging decimals with precision, "Rational Rundown" is designed to boost your confidence in dealing with diverse numerical formats. Dive into this quiz adventure and embrace the challenge of rational number comparison, gaining insights that will elevate your mathematical prowess. Read moreGet ready for a number-filled adventure and let the "Rational Rundown" quiz be your guide to mastering the intricacies of comparing and ordering rational numbers.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Which is greater?

  • 2. 

    Which of the following numbers is the smallest value?

    0.005 is the smallest value because it is the lowest number among the options given. The other numbers are not as small as 0.005.

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  • 3. 

    • A.

      18/40 > 45%

    • B.

      18/40 < 45%

    • C.

      18/40 = 45%

    Correct Answer
    C. 18/40 = 45%
  • 4. 

    Correct Answer
    0.02, 22%, 1/4, 0.3
  • 5. 

    Correct Answer
    -4 2/5, 3 1/4, 314%, 3.603

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