LobbyGuard Basic Training

17 Questions
10 Minutes
LobbyGuard Basic Training

The LobbyGuard Basic Training Certification Quiz will score your knowledge of the basic essentials of your LobbyGuard product.  If you have not yet reviewed the Basic Training materials you should do so now by visiting www.lobbyguard.com/training and click the "Self-Train" option under "LobbyGuard Basic Training".  The questions in this quiz are taken from the documents in that training program.

If you have attended a Basic Training Webinar instead of the Self-Train option you might find it helpful to first review the documents in the Self-Training section before proceeding with this quiz.

You will have 10 minutes to answer the 20 questions on this quiz.  Your score will be made available to you immediately following completion.  Once you have passed this quiz you should visit www.lobbyguard.com/training and proceed with the "Advanced Training' to learn about some more advanced features of the LobbyGuard product.

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