Linux III Ports Quiz

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Linux III Ports Quiz - Quiz

Service port numbers

Questions and Answers
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    Telnet is a network protocol that allows users to remotely access and manage devices or systems over a network. It operates on port 23, which is the default port for Telnet communication. By connecting to port 23, users can establish a Telnet session and interact with the remote device or system as if they were directly connected to it. Therefore, the correct answer is 23.

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    The answer 21 is correct because FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uses port 21 as the default port for establishing a connection between a client and a server. This port is specifically designated for FTP data transfer and is used to initiate the control connection between the client and server. Through this control connection, commands and responses are exchanged to facilitate file transfers. Therefore, port 21 is crucial for FTP communication and is the correct answer in this context.

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    FTP (Data tranfsfer)

    The number "20" is the correct answer because FTP (File Transfer Protocol) commonly uses port number 20 for data transfer. Port numbers are used to identify specific processes or services running on a computer network. In the case of FTP, port 20 is dedicated to handling the actual data transfer between the client and the server.

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    HTTP is a protocol used for transferring data over the internet. It operates on port number 80, which is the default port for HTTP communication. When a client sends an HTTP request to a server, it uses port 80 to establish a connection and transfer the requested data. Port 80 is specifically reserved for HTTP traffic, allowing servers to listen for incoming HTTP requests and respond accordingly. Therefore, the correct answer is 80.

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    DNS (named)

    The number 53 is the correct answer. It is commonly associated with DNS (Domain Name System) and specifically refers to the port number used by the DNS server process, named. Port 53 is used for DNS queries and responses, allowing the server to receive and send DNS information.

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    PortMapper is a software application that maps network ports on a computer to different services or applications. It allows incoming network traffic to be directed to the appropriate application or service running on the computer. In this case, the correct answer is 111, which is likely referring to the well-known port number for the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol. This port is commonly used for communication between networked devices and allows them to execute procedures on remote systems.

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